Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Winners & A Special Request

Remember my new, totally awesome newsletter? Yeah, the one that is so entertaining all of the cool kids are signing up for it? Oh...you don't? Well, let me remind you!

I've got a semi-monthly newsletter that I'll be sending out with lots of fun stories, insider info about my writing, and lots of funny pictures...because you know that's one of the best parts about newsletters! If you haven't had a chance to sing up...you probably should :D

Well, I did a giveaway in association with the birth of this newsletter-baby and I've got 5 fantastic winners! Yes...I did decide to add another winner for funzies (as I am known to say). Thanks so much for everyone who took the time to enter. I won't get these out to you until I get back from the conference...sorry!But you will get them ;)

$15 Starbucks
Jan Elder
$15 Amazon 
Josh Hardt
Natalie Walters
Oregon Fun
Cathrine Bonham
California Gold*
Trixi Oberembt
*Nope, it's not real gold ;) 

Fall Starter Kit Winner
Last week I had Lori Bates Wright on the blog talking about one of my favorite subjects: FALL! She graciously offered an awesome giveaway (what I called the perfect "fall starter kit") and I'm happy to announce the winner...

Sally Davidson

Congrats Sally! Contact me so Lori can get you this amazing gift just in time for fall!
My Request

Lastly, I've posted an abbreviated version of this on my Facebook page, but I wanted to leave it here as well. I'd like to ask you, my dear readers, something personal.

I head off for the ACFW Conference tomorrow morning (bright and early) and, though I am completely thrilled and excited, I'm also very tired at this point. I've been working very hard these last few weeks to catch up on photography clients which as left me little time outside of that. I know that the Lord can (and will) sustain me, and for that I am so grateful, but I also know I could use the extra prayers ;-)

I'm really looking forward to meeting new friends, to strengthening the friendships I've already made, and to learning more about the writing craft through the workshops and sessions. I'm also going to be meeting with editors *insert squeal of excitement & nerves* and more than anything I want all of this to be covered in prayer. I write for the Lord as much as I write for myself. Everything that I pen (um...well, type I guess) is for His glory alone. I know He's moving and working through and for me, and I can't wait to share what He does at this year's conference!

Thank YOU, my dear readers. You are why I write--yep, YOU! Make sure to check back next week for an update about how things go and, if you're brave...join me on my Facebook, twitter, and Instagram platforms to follow me through the ACFW Conference. I'll try my best to post the most ridiculous photos as well as me totally fan-girling with authors that I meet :)

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