Monday, September 14, 2015

Waters of Separation by Carol McClain | New Novel News

Waters of Separation
by Carol McClain

September 11, 2015
Desert Breeze Publishing 
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Africa’s secrets resurrect the despair physician assistant Anna Haas buried in America. Her pregnancy and the discovery of boys bound by slavery in the cacao sector of the Côte d’Ivoire revive her childhood guilt. Her mother’s suicide claimed the lives of the two small sisters Anna had vowed to protect.

Her failure to save them was unforgivable.

It will not happen with these boys.

Her interference prompts a corrupt government to threaten the thriving mission and the lives of Anna and her friends. Her action also threaten her marriage.

However, doing nothing will destroy her.

The story weaves from past to present and across two continents as Anna fights for love, faith and redemption.

Get to know Carol...

What actor/actress would play you if your life was a movie? Without a doubt, Meryl Streep would play my life. First of all, she’s mature. I know I resemble a blonde Scarlett Johansson, but I believe she’d strain credibility. Furthermore, she’s not as versatile as Streep. If anything defines me, it’s versatility (no, not being jumbled or fragmented. I like more things than there is time to pursue it).

One of my daughter’s students once said I looked like Streep. Granted, this young man had autism, but I like Streep’s ability to play anything: a divorcing wife (which sadly had happened to me), a witch (which of course, I’d never be) or a coffee baroness (which sounds good to me and my addiction).

What are the names of your pets? If you don't have any, what would you name your pets? Currently we have two cats which we adopted when we returned from Italy. They are Ciao and Allora. Our Springer spaniel is Callie—on her pedigree papers she’s Calla Lily Sunbird Mac—named after my favorite flower, and our bow-rider boat. The Mac is a derivative of McClain.

Our cat who died a year ago was Mustar (moosh-tar). She was named for the Romanian translation of mustard. I was going on a mission’s trip when I got her and came across the word. My daughter liked it better than Cat-astrophe, so voila. Moosh was named.

My previous dog was Lily Bark named after an Edith Wharton character, Lily Bart in House of Mirth.

Share one pet peeve you have.
I HATE the term: “put a smile on his/her/your face". Where else is someone going to smile?

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