Friday, October 19, 2018

Thirst of Steel by Ronie Kendig | RE:View

Ah....Ronie Kendig has done it again! Created a beautiful ending to such a fantastic series!

In this third book, we take a bit of a deviation from the last two and follow more of Ram's story. There's also the introduction of a new character who I really liked - Mercy! I won't go into who she is exactly, but I loved her spunk in this third book. Also, the team comes back together in order to find (and get rid of) a final supernatural artifact. Interposed with short episodes from history, we see where a curse has come from and what it has to do with the sword that killed Goliath.

I really enjoyed the mixture of perspectives that we get to see and the little twists and turns that the story takes (of which I will remain silent so as not to spoil it). I did have a bit of confusion when it came to piecing it all together - BUT it all made sense at the end, something Kendig always does an excellent job at.