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Katie Ganshert {Writer Wednesday} + Giveaway

A little bit about Katie...

Award-winning author, Katie Ganshert, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in education, and worked as a fifth grade teacher for several years before staying home to write full-time. She was born and raised in the Midwest, where she lives with her family. When she’s not busy penning novels or spending time with her people, she enjoys drinking coffee with friends, reading great literature, and eating copious amounts of dark chocolate. You can learn more about Katie and her books by visiting her website or author Facebook page.

How to connect with Katie...

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Author Interview | Katie Ganshert

You and Writing

Tell us a little bit about yourself: How did you start writing? What has kept you writing?
...I was the little girl in bed, filling up notebook after notebook with penciled stories—most of which went unfinished, since I’d always think of another idea. I didn’t write my first novel, though, until I went on a mission trip to Kenya in college. I came home from that trip with a story inside, so I sat down and I wrote it. It’s not publishable, but it was the spark that set my journey in motion. As far as what keeps me writing … a lot of different things. I feel like it’s the way God made me. I can’t not write. I also feel spurred on every time I get an encouraging note from a reader. The satisfaction of finishing a book and seeing it in readers’ hands. And then, of course, the enticing whisper of a new story idea.

What was the hardest thing about publishing? The easiest?
...The hardest thing is definitely working under a deadline. A deadline doesn’t care if you’re feeling inspired or not. It doesn’t care if your life has turned into an F-5 tornado. The book is due when the book is due. The easiest is probably cover design. Since, you know, I don’t have to do it. Seriously though. I’m not sure any part of the publishing process is easy. At least not for me!

Your Writing
Tell us a little bit about your book or what you’re working on currently? Why are you/did you write it?
...My most recent Christian fiction novel is The Art of Losing Yourself. It’s the story of two estranged sisters who come together to fix up a derelict motel. The story was inspired by the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37. I just love that we worship a God who is able to breathe life into that which is absolutely dead—whether it be a marriage, a womb, or a person’s faith.

My most current project is a young adult series called The Gifting Series, which I’ve put out independently under the nom de plume, K.E. Ganshert, since it’s an entirely different genre than what I typically write. I’ve had an absolute blast with this trilogy! I started writing it as a creative outlet and had such positive feedback from friends and family that I decided to officially put it out there.

Do you have a favorite character The Art of losing yourself? If so, why?
...My favorite character in The Art of Losing Yourself is Gracie Fisher, the younger of the two sisters. She’s 17 and troubled. I love her honesty. I love her grit. I love her sass. I love that beneath her tough exterior, she’s just a girl who desperately wants to be loved and accepted.


When you write, what is your overall intention with your stories?
...My prayer for my Christian novels is always the same—that God would use them to draw hearts closer to Him, to plant seeds, and to encourage readers in their faith. With my secular young adult series, my overall intention is entertainment. I want to give readers a really fun, engrossing reading experience. A mini getaway from real life. With that said, there are some deeper seeds in there that I hope will make readers think and ponder as they dive into Tess’s world.


When you get an idea for a novel, what is the first thing that you do?
...Write it down, otherwise I’ll forget. And then I usually talk to a friend or my husband about it.

September is Classical Music Month (who knew?). In keeping with that theme, do you have a favorite character from a classical novel? 
...Mr. Darcy, of course!

What is your favorite fall snack food?

Thank you so much for being my guest! I love hearing your thoughts on writing (I'll give you an AMEN about deadlines...) and 100% yes to Mr. Darcy. I think he's my pick as well!

Readers - this woman is amazing! Not to mention she's also a Carol Award Winner for her novella An October Bride. I thought it would be fitting to give away a copy of her award-winning book so make sure you leave a comment for her to enter to win the eBook giveaway.


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Samantha B

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