Monday, September 21, 2015

The Methuselah Project by Rick Barry | New Novel News

The Methuselah Project
by Rick Barry

Published September 27, 2015
(but it's out now!)

Kregel Publications 
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Nazi scientists started many experiments. One never ended.
Roger Greene is a war hero. Raised in an orphanage, the only birthright he knows is the feeling that he was born to fly. Flying against the Axis Powers in World War II is everything he always dreamed—until the day he's shot down and lands in the hands of the enemy. Captured, Roger becomes an unwilling guinea pig in a hush-hush experiment intended to outlast the war.

The Methuselah Project is a pulse-pounding blend of history, suspense, patriotism, and romance you’ll have a hard time putting down!

Get to know Rick...

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? 
I’ve been blessed with many, many opportunities to travel. Just this last summer I visited Chernobyl, Ukraine, and toured through the deserted buildings there. But one of my favorite destinations was Ireland. I love the Irish accents, the castles that dot the landscape, the stone fences, the food… I hope to go back!

Would you rather go to the future or go to the past? 
I’d rather go to the past. To me, the future is in God’s hands, and He’s already revealed as much as He wants us to know about it for now. But the past holds so many fascinating moments that I’d love to see in person—especially if I could be an invisible spectator whom no one could see.

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? 
Wow, what an interesting question. I’m sure comic book writers and illustrators have repeatedly considered all kinds of possible superpowers. But if I could invent one? Perhaps I would choose the power to make people truly love others as themselves. It seems to me the world is rife with selfishness. Yet, if I could wave a wand or sprinkle mystic powder to make people care more about others and less about themselves, I would do it—even without a cape and a costume!

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