Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spead the Christmas Joy WINNERS

 Thank you to all of the writers and authors who participated in this years Spread the Christmas Joy blog-a-thon! You made it amazing with all of your sweet memories and stories! I cannot wait until next year. Did I mention I could literally celebrate Christmas year round? Because I could...

Anyway, on to why you're really reading this post. The winners!!! If you are one of the lucky ones, please make sure you contact me in order to arrange getting your prize!

December 1st | Elizabeth Maddrey | Chalkboard Coasters

Winner: Deanne Patterson

December 2nd | Cindy Loven | Swept Away

Winner: Susan Johnson

December 3rd | Lillian Duncan | Ceramic Angel 

Winner: Breanna Davenport 

December 4th | Sarah Kohnle | $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Winner: Mandy Ruffner 

December 5th | Carrie Turansky

The Governess of Highland Hall Winner: Christina Pereira

The Daughter of Highland Hall Winner: Robin Mason

December 6th | James R. Callan | Peace Ornament 

Winner: Susan P

December 8th | Melissa Tagg | Here to Stay 

Winner: Christina Butrum 

December 9th 

Nike Chillemi | Harmful Intent

Winners: Constance Hendryx & Susan P

Valerie Comer | Snowflake Tiara

Winner: Breanna Davenport 

December 10th | Jennifer Hallmark | Sweet Freedom a la mode

Winner:  Deanna Stevens 

December 11th | Gail Pallotta | Mountain of Love and Danger

Winner: Caryl Kane

December 12th | Anita Higman | A Question of Destiny

Winners: Breanna Davenport & Caryl Kane

December 13th | Ava Pennington | Holiday Inn 

Winner: Natalie Monk 

December 15th | Alexis Goring | Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories 

Winner: Chickie Brewer

December 16th | Sandy Ardoin | The Yuletide Angel 

Winner: Susan P 

December 17th | JoAnn Durgin 

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Winner: Ruthie Madison

Starlight Star Bright Winner:Ann Ellison

Sleight Ride Together with You Winner: Kathleen Friesen

December  18th | Deanna Klingel | Rock and A Hiding Place 

Winner: Constance Hendryx

December 19th | Laura V. Hilton | The Snow Globe 

Winner: Kay M

December 20th | Nicole Deese | A Cliche Christmas 

Winner: Kara Peck

December 21st | Andrew Swearingen | HAWK by Ronie Kendig

Winner: Laura Bach

December 22nd | Brandy Vallance | The Covered Deep 

Winners: Caryl Kane & Kelly Bridgewater 

December 23rd | Erica Vetsch | A Log Cabin Chrsitmas 

Winner: Steffani Webb 

December 24th | Kristy Cambron | We Have A Savior by Hillsong

Winner:  Marla Stanley

December 25th | Emilie Hendryx | $10 Amazon Gift Card

Winner: Amanda Geaney

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Again, make sure you use the contact form or email me so we can arrange to get your prizes to you.

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