Friday, January 23, 2015

Flash Back To Childhood

I happened across a Facebook post from author Rachel Hauck asking about favorite book characters from childhood. It got me reminiscing about my childhood and all of books I read (or my parents read to me).

I though it would be fun to share some of my favorites here and then to see what you readers loved when you were young.

Enid Blyton | The Adventure Series

Dating back to 1944, this amazing series by British author Enid Blyton had more than enough to satisfy my adventurous, reading spirit. I remember my mom reading these to me and wondering... Why is there food in tins? What are biscuits? And then dreaming night and day about being on and adventure like Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack got to be. 

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Nancy Drew

In keeping with the adventure, mystery theme, I loved the Nancy Drew books. And yes, you caught me, I still do :D I was given an almost complete set of them and can't wait to someday have the shelf space to display them (haha).

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The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys may have been boys, but that didn't stop me from enjoying their adventures. These were books my dad would read to me and I loved them just as much as Nancy Drew.

Also, did you know that they made a really fun (though slightly cheesey) TV series about Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys?

Check it out here: The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - Season One
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The Boxcar Children

Imagine this: a long road trip, the front cab of a truck (we're talking no back seats here), and a small child. What do you do? Well, you read of course?

Whenever we would take road trips I was insistent that we had enough books to make it to our destination. I'm so glad my mom never got car sick, though there were a few times we're pretty sure she fell asleep while reading to my dad and I.

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Frank Peretti | The Cooper Kids Adventure Series

Hum, are you sensing a theme here? Yes, adventure was definitely what I wanted to read when I was a kid. Makes sense why I like it now as well, and why I write Romantic Suspense ;)

Cooper Adventure Series

Robin Jones Gunn | Christy Miller Series

I got into the Christy Miller Series in my early high school years - introduced by my dear friend Steffani. I picked up the first book and was hooked. I love that they took you through to the college years and now I hear there's a married years series too! Definitely going to check that out.

Christy Miller Sereis

J.K. Rowling | Harry Potter

What childhood reading experience could be complete without Harry Potter? I recognize there is a lot of debate around the books in Christian circles, but one of the things I appreciated about my parents was how they handled things like that. My mom is a various reader who loves Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I took my cues from her and she read Harry Potter as well. For me as a child it was never about anything more than letting my imagination go.  The world Rowling created is simply amazing and fostered a lot of creative thinking on my part while also pointing out the very real fight between good and evil.

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So, what about you? What books did you read as a child? Did you have a favorite series? Did you parents ever read to you?

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