Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Day

Sometimes we all just need a snow day. Today, {Writer Wednesday} is going to be postponed due to...well, we'll call it snow ;)

So, in light of that, I'll share a little bit about my day. You see, it started off nice and early. Ok, some of you will laugh and say that 6AM isn't really early. But hey, if I'm waking up and the sun isn't up yet, I call that early.

I rolled out of bed, thankful the heat had come on because everyone knows how awful it is to get out of bed when it's freezing cold, and began my morning routine.

The difference in this particular morning was that I was going to see a friend! Yes, I have friends :D

Snow Selfie
Well, long story short, I met up with my friend Natalie and guess what we talked about for over four hours? Writing, of course. And you know what? It was great! We shared about frustration with our writing, excitement about possibilities, shared discouragement, encouragement to one another, and a lot of talk about fictional people (the best kind, in my opinion).

Sometimes you just need to talk about stuff with a friend who understands. It doesn't have to be about writing. It can be anything that you're passionate about, but the beauty is the shared experience.

Then I got to walk home in the snow, smelling overwhelmingly of coffee, and smiling to myself about the fresh sense of purpose I feel as a writer just for having talked about writing.

What or who inspires you? What are your passions? Do you like the snow?

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