Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lauren H. Brandenburg | Author Chat

It's coffee and chat time here on the blog today! I'm so excited for today's chat with Lauren! She is the sweetest and I'm so glad to introduce her to you all!
Lauren H. Brandenburg is a speaker and advocate for home education, as well as author of the middle-grade series The Books of the Gardener and creative writing curriculum, The Engaged Writer. Her novels are recognized as a “Top Safe Read” and “Top Read Aloud” for young readers in the homeschool community. As a former English teacher and now homeschooling mom, Lauren combines her love of “the what if” with her spirit of adventure and faith to delight and encourage readers young and old. She currently teaches creative writing in her homeschool community and to young writers nationwide.

Although Lauren and her husband, Jamie, live in Nashville, Tennessee with their children Kensington and Jackson, she will always consider Kentucky her home.

Let's get real...

How many words do you write a day?
I can usually write about 2000 words a day. I try to write Monday to Friday (sometimes Saturday), and almost never on Sunday.

What is your favorite mode of transportation: plane, train, or car?
I love to travel by train—it feels so old fashioned.

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

On a normal day I wake up around eight, make breakfast, homeschool with my kiddos while jumping back and forth to work on any book marketing and tossing in a load of laundry between subjects, fix lunch while doing dishes, more laundry, write for two to three hours, then off to mixed martial arts—I take classes with my oldest, I have to be there anyway, so why not get some exercise! On non-marital arts nights we play games or watch a few of the shows we follow on Netflix. After tucking in the kiddos, the hubby and I snuggle up for a night of reading or television. Go to bed, wake up, repeat J

What actor/actress would play you if your life were a movie?
This is a fun question! I always imagine what it would be like to have the dating college days of my husband and I turned into a musical—like Grease meets Legally Blonde (except I’m not blonde or a lawyer). Jack Black would be the obvious choice for my husband. It would have to be someone super short for me . . . like Isla Fisher with dark short hair! I’m open to suggestions on this one.

Name three places you’d like to travel to & why
England—because, sigh . . . I’m pretty sure my parents are British, moved me to the US to hide me from my true identity as somebody perfectly lovely and important, and left me with a burning desire to return to my homeland. Peru—to climb into the Andes mountains and spend a night in Machu Picchu, and because Paddington is from Darkest Peru, and I so adore Paddington. Lastly, France . . . not so much Paris, but the countryside to stop and breath in the fragrances of Provence.

What’s one of your favorite books?
Little Women – My dad brought me a beautifully bound hardback edition on a return trip from D.C. I have loved the book and the story ever since. Not too long ago me I realized that I am living my childhood dream, to be be a writer like Jo March.

Coffee or tea?
Tea for sure! Coffee is a deceiver . . . it doesn’t taste at all like it smells.

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