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Gilded Cage by Vic James | Re:View

Imaginative and dark, Vic James explores a new dystopian fantasy world that will leave you shocked and craving more.


As per my usual, I didn't know anything about this book before diving in. I mean, I knew I liked the cover, knew it was a "hot topic" floating around the YA community, and probably knew it was a fantasy, but other than that I was flying blind. I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Following the perspectives of several different characters throughout the story, we see the dismal future of a modern-day world divided by magic and no magic. A strange happening called "the slave days" causes all non-magic users to offer up ten years of their life in service to the elite. Those with magic. The political tone of the book is evident as well, creating a very real feeling atmosphere in a world not too different from ours, and yet worlds away.

The concept is creative and well executed, though it definitely has left me craving more information on the magic and what will happen to the characters. Twists and turns abound in way that will have you flipping pages quickly to the end!

I did find the timeline a little frustrating at times. Due to the multiple viewpoints, the reader is transported through weeks/months at a time per viewpoint. It can become a little jolting because things happen that we don't see (due to another characters involvement) and then the next character reacts to something we didn't experience with them. For the sake of the book and the events that transpire, I can see why it was done this way, but it left me feeling a little "left out" at times. I also had some serious trouble with the characters names haha. Not all, but some were just very difficult to wrap my reading brain around (likely a personal issue 😉).

I definitely enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing on in the series. It does get dark, just as a "warning". This is not a light and fully fantasy read. I recommend it to fans of urban fantasy, YA dystopian/fantasy, and dystopian.

*A note to my clean readers: There is use of language and some rather violent descriptions in a few parts of the book. Probably a 16+ read (with parental interaction) in my opinion.

My rating: 4*
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Book Description
(from Amazon)

In a darkly fantastical debut set in modern-day Britain, magic users control everything: wealth, politics, power—and you. If you’re not one of the ultimate one-percenters—the magical elite—you owe them ten years of service. Do those years when you’re old, and you’ll never get through them. Do them young, and you’ll never get over them.

This is the darkly decadent world of Gilded Cage. In its glittering milieu move the all-powerful Jardines and the everyday Hadleys. The families have only one thing in common: Each has three children. But their destinies entwine when one family enters the service of the other. They will all discover whether any magic is more powerful than the human spirit.

Have a quick ten years. . . .
I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.  

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