Monday, July 31, 2017

Ending Fear by Deanna Fugett | New Novel News

Ending Fear
by Deanna Fugett

Published: July 18, 2017
Publisher: Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing
Purchased: Ending Fear

Fourteen-year-old Fear learns she was a parachute baby, dumped over the edge of the Gliding Lands as an infant. Running from her abusive Downer family, Fear discovers a new family. One who knows how to love. But then her new little sister is kidnapped and sold to a harem. Fear must go against her namesake and journey to the dreaded Gliding Lands before the little girl’s innocence is ripped from her forever. Can she save Happy in time?

Get to know Deanna...

If your book became a movie, who would you cast for your main characters?
Kiernan Shipka would play my main character, Fear. I would love a younger version of Will Jay (from IM5) to play Courage, and I still haven’t found my perfect Manly yet. Maybe a taller, buffer version of Mason Dye.

What actor/actress would play you if your life was a movie?
Drew Barrymore

What are the names of your pets?
We own a parakeet named Flapper, a dog named Westley, a cat named Buttercup, two rats, DC and Snowflake, three bunnies, Snow White, Little Foot and Sugar, and fourteen chickens, Butterfly, Oreo, Starlight, Brownie, Chubby and get the point. I’m not about to name all fourteen.

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