Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holding On To All That I've Got | A lesson from UP

Hello Thinking Thoughts friends! How are you doing?

Yes, yes...I see you (not literally, of course) shaking your heads thinking, "Where has she been these past few weeks?" I grimace to utter the words, "I've been busy" because I feel they are not enough. They are accurate, but at times they just seem...empty.

BUT...I'm going to say it anyway. I have been busy busy busy and it's trickled down into every area of my life including you, my dear readers. I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while now but as I plan my last month and a half (yes, that's IT!) here in Southern California (before I move to Washington, D.C.) I am overwhelmed with loose ends just begging to be tied down. I kind of feel like like I'm trying to hold on to hundreds of balloons like in UP but they keep slipping out of my grasp.

My balloons happen to be books I need to review, job training manuals I need to complete, packing that I only have 2 weeks for, photos for clients, blogs (check out my latest, very raw/honest post about self-image here), posts, freelance writing, hanging out with friends before we leave and...well the list could go on.

Despite all of this, the confirmation that this move is exactly what the Lord has planned is overwhelming.
In the bittersweet middle ground of leaving-excitement and goodbye-pain, I seek soul-balanced peace that comes from being rooted in the Lord.
I can't understand it. I can't always capture it. But I can't deny it. God leads His children with a compassionate hand that we should never run from. It's difficult to reconcile my desire to jump head-long into new experiences while simultaneously resisting due to the ties my sweet friendships have on me here. All I know is that sometimes when things are hard, it doesn't always mean that they are bad.

Are you wrestling with anything right now that seems difficult but yet you feel the Lord is leading you despite that? What are the balloons you are trying to hold on to?

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