Monday, May 5, 2014

Setting The Bar High

I'm not one to take risks. 

Calculated ones maybe...but flat-out, don't-look-before-you-leap ones--no way, no how. So, moving to DC is very out of character for me. Granted, I'm not leaping off of any tall buildings to move, but I am taking a step of faith without knowing where my foot will land.

You see, I'm a very planned person. I'm talking calendars filled out with multicolor, highlighted sections, lists made, and every angle possible covered in thought and preparation. Even considering moving across the country without knowing where I'll live has been a, unsettling?

But, I think that's the way God wants it.

When the future isn't planned out in my mind, I'm more apt to live life where I'm at here and now. When I can't see tomorrow, the next day, or even a month away, I am forced to remain in the present which I think is ultimately much better for me.

Redeemer City Church Vision Night
Probably one of the hardest areas of this move is the financial aspect. Yeah, in addition to worrying about the details of this whole situation I'm also anxious about how it will all happen. To me (and I admit this with shame) being 'self-sufficient' in funds is a form of security for me. When I decided to move to DC with the Redeemer City Church plant, all of the sudden all of that false security fled and I was left bare and exposed.

The question remained:Who are you really trusting?

I've had to answer this honestly and found that, a lot of the time, I'm trusting in me. In my current job's paycheck even. That's not the way it's supposed to be. How can I place blind trust in a silly, created thing that is addicting, deceiving, and all to easily spent?

Why all this talk about money, you may wonder? Well, as much as the Lord is teaching me a lesson about trusting in Him, He is also humbling me and creating a job position that is in large part funded by support from friends and family. You see, everything within me recoils at that thought. What? I ask. You want me to ask for help? Noooo!

But, as part of learning this lesson, I have decided to own up to what's going on in my heart. It's not easy and it's not something I like doing, but I recognize it as a huge step for me. So, here it is in plain terms:

What: I'm moving across the country, leaving July 15th and trail-blazing with some of my close friends through the vast United States in search of adventure and safe travels.

How: If you'd like to donate to the "move Jenn and Em" fund (so I've termed it) you can go to this helpful link set up by my lovely roomie. All funds raised here will go toward the shipping costs for our things, gas for the road, and any other expenses accrued from moving across the country.

My Job

What: I have the incredible opportunity to step into the role of Creative Arts and Communications Director for Redeemer City Church. What!? I know, such a cool title ;) But, since I am moving to D.C. as a missionary, this means most of my paycheck comes from support from my friends and family. Yeah, it's crazy, but again - I'm trusting that the Lord knows what He's doing and will provide for me as well as the church.

How: We have a pretty sweet website already set up for the church and you can donate directly to me through there (click here) and choose EH Support. All funds will go toward supporting me to work with the church. We recommend a monthly supporting option because then it also helps to remind you to pray for the church (and me).

Thank you (if you've made it this far in reading my post haha) for being willing to even spend some time with me today on the blog. I am continually amazed at the Father's gracious and loving heart that is so good to remind me that relying on Him is the best thing I can do.

If you'd like more info from me about this, feel free to email me. You can also sign up for my DC Newsletter from the tab above (DC Bound).  

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