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Introducting... {Writer Wednesday}

I'm excited to announce {Writer Wednesday} to you all!  These posts will be multifaceted in that they will feature writers and authors answering my personal, interview-style questions regarding their writing and themselves.  These Wednesday posts are designed not only for readers to hear from their favorite authors (or potential favorite authors) but for writers to gain tips and inspiration as well.

I am really excited about the lineup for December and I encourage you to keep checking back!  Remember, you can always "follow" or "join" this site to be automatically reminded when I post.  There are rumors of a book giveaway in the near future - and let me just say, they are all true!

So, to start off the first ever {Writer Wednesday} I decided to!  I thought this way you could gain a little bit of insight into my writing and get to know me a little better too.

Author Interview | E.A. Hendryx

You & Writing
      1. Tell us a little bit about yourself:  How did you start writing?  What has kept you writing?
I started writing when I was younger - don't know the exact age - but my parents would always read to me before bed and, being an only child, I've always had an active imagination, so stories always came easy for me.  It started with Barbies and then eventually transition onto pages.  When I was in high school I always did well in English and wrote a novella for my senior project.  After that I was hooked!  
Now I keep writing because I enjoy it so much!  It's relaxing to me.

      2. Do you have a favorite book or work that you've written?  If so, why?
Currently, I'd say my favorite is one that isn't even finished yet!  Its working title is The Arrangement and I'm pretty excited about it.  I think it's my favorite so far because it has such a fun voice to it - very easy to write and fun to imagine. 

      3. If published, what was the hardest thing about publishing?  The easiest?
I'm not published but I hope to be someday! I can only imagine how difficult it is but, as they say, there's no gain without pain (or something like that).

Your Writing
      4. Tell us a little bit about your book or what you're working on currently?  Why are you/did you write it?
I'm writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month and it is something completely different than I've every written.  It's not so much genuine sci-fi (I don't know enough about science to write that yet) but it is set in the future which creates its own set of problems.  How do you talk about something when all the technology you know would be way outdated by then?  
      5. In this work do you have a favorite character?  If so, why?
Yes, his name is Koen and he is hilarious - at least to me!  He's a complex character that puts on sarcasm and flirtation to mask deeper, underlying struggles.  He's a smart guy who plays off his intelligence and there's something very real about that.  I feel like I've met people who do this and it saddens me.  In writing him, I hope to bring him through that stage into a deeper responsibility to his actions and understanding.

      6. What is one take-away from your book that you hope readers identify with?
Right now that's hard to tell - I'm only 30,000 words in and know there will be much editing to come once I finish.  One of the main issues that I'm trying to bring out is how purpose-less life can be without God.  

      7. Where do you find inspiration for your story/characters?  Are they based on real life or pure imagination or both?
I'd have to say both.  There are times, especially during NaNoWriMo, when I am in desperate need of a character or a defining trait and something will pop into my head that one of my friends does/says etc. and suddenly it's in my book.  It's almost a little tribute to them.  Other times it's straight form my imagination.
      8. When you write, what is your overall intention with your stories?
I write first and foremost to bring glory to God.  Now, with that said, I think that my writing can take on various forms.  Sometimes, I'm just writing because I'm a sap and I love a happy ending.  Other times I have a specific point I want to make.  God is always good to direct all my writing and I see how He works plot lines out to form greater themes than I could have ever come up with.  
      9. What advice would you give to aspiring authors for writing and/or publishing?
I have yet to be published but I have a feeling perseverance is key!

      10. What is your favorite snack to eat when writing?
I love pretzels.  My roommate and I eat them like crazy and they are a great snack that won't make your fingers sticky/greasy/icky allowing you to keep writing! 
      11. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Such a hard question - but I'd have to say O Holy Night ... or Silent Night (I can't decide).
      12. What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?
I love the togetherness of family and friends during the holidays!  There is just something so special about celebrating the birth of Christ and the greater meaning of Christmas with the ones you love (whether they are family by birth or through Christ or both!).  I also love the baking, cooking and giving of it all.  My favorite thing is to share my baking or cooking with others and it's such a great season to share all of these things with others!


Well, there you have it.  The first of many author interviews!  Make sure you check back next Wednesday to hear from #1 Best Selling author Staci Stallings, author of Cowboy of The Harmony Series and in the mean time keep and eye out for part 2 in the "Thoughts on Community" post.

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  1. So cool, Emilie! I love that you're sharing more about yourself and I enjoy the interview style. I look forward to your next author interview!