Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Johnnie Alexander | Author Chat

Grab your cup of coffee or tea (or hot chocolate for Johnnie), and maybe a cookie or two, and join me for a chat with...
Award-winning author Johnnie Alexander. She is a wannabe vagabond with a heart for making memories. Her CBA-bestselling novel, Where Treasure Hides, has been translated into Dutch and Norwegian. She is cohost of Writers Chat, a weekly internet show, marketing chair for the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference, and past president of both the ACFW Memphis and ACFW Central Florida chapters.

Let's get real...

Would you rather live in a story world you’ve created for a year OR live three days in a story world someone else has created?
I would love to visit Middle Earth. Since it’s only three days, I guess I need to choose a specific place since I can’t exactly fly from one locale to another. Which shall it be? Rivendell? Lothlorien? The Shire? I’ll just close my eyes, tap the heels of my elf boots three times, and see where I end up. (Please not anywhere near Mordor.)

Two truths and a lie:
1. I won a prize on a TV game show.
2. I’ve taken my dog’s medicine.
3. I rear-ended three different cars in six months.

Name three places you’d like to travel to & why.
1. I want to travel around Europe on the train—and this fall I’m going to! My sister and I are getting passes so we can visit four or five countries. We’ll see if the reality is as awesome as the dream. (We’re also spending a week in Lisbon.)
2. New Zealand—that whole Middle Earth thing, you know! And while I’m there, maybe I’ll take a detour to Australia.
3. I’ve been to about half the continental United States. I’d like to road-trip around the rest of the country.

What’s one of your favorite books?
Les Miserables

Do you have a nickname? Care to share?
My grandkids call me Malize. The reason why is complicated and not that interesting, but it’s a combo of Mom and Leez.

Coffee or tea?
Neither! Give me cocoa instead please.

Cats or dogs or both?
Dogs have a slight edge over cats. I have two canine buddies. Rugby is my princely papillon who has treed more than one raccoon despite his small size. And Griff is my happy-go-lucky collie who gets the zoomies most evenings. Have you ever seen a fifty-pound collie toss a toy in the air then slide across the room to get it? Very entertaining! He’s also skilled at dripping water everywhere.

Which of your characters do you secretly have a crush on?
I thought it was AJ Sullivan, the hero of Where She Belongs. But I took the Misty Willow Hero Quiz (created by my talented marketing team at Revell) and got Gabe Kendall, the hero of What Hope Remembers.

You can take the quiz, too—be sure and let us know who you get!

Which Misty Willow Hero Is Your True Love

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Answer: 1 is the lie. My younger daughter, not me, was the one who appeared on a short-lived Nickelodeon game show. However, I did take her to the audition.

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