Monday, October 18, 2010

rainy days and mondays always get me writing...

Looking out the window into a massive sky filled with grey clouds makes my heart soar. Hearing the irregular pattern of rain on the window creates dreams. Smelling the fresh scent of rain-washed streets makes me smile. I love fall!

For some reason my genetic make-up must have included a gene that forces me to desire writing at every possible moment the instant that true fall weather is upon me. I cannot help but be inspired by the previous things I've mentioned as well as so many more things of which the details would bore you.

Since Autumn has set upon LA finally (or at least we all hope so) I have 'caught the bug' for writing once again. I re-read my second novel a few weeks ago and finally finished the read-through last week. Its funny how you can write something and forget you'd written certain scenes until you read them again and laugh. Is it wrong to laugh at your own writing? ;) As I came to the last chapter I found myself completely caught up in the moment. There she was, the protagonist who has gone through so much, meeting the man of her dreams in a fair-tale setting of white lights, lightly falling snow, and a handsom man meeting her under a gazebo. Sounds slightly corny, yet when you've been involved with the story I'd like to think it fits and doesn't stand out as too much of an unrealistic happening. Anyway, the story ended as I had previously written it and my soul felt at peace.

It really is funny how personal writing can be, isn't it? Here I am, a mere 24 year old girl who has a passion for reading and writing hoping, praying, to have my meager 'talent' discovered not so that I become famous but for the sole purpose of my characters and their story becoming known. I don't write to find renown. I don't write to get money. I write for the sheer joy of creating a happy ending out of trials and dissapointments that anyone could have, to show that God is sovereign.

I'm simply reflecting here, but as I begin a rocky journey that I hope ends in publication someday, I want to remind myself that it is all in God's perfect timing. Isn't that hard to forget sometimes? But yet, it always ends so much better than I could plan it myself. Praise God!