Friday, March 30, 2018

March Wrap Up

I've decided to do something a little new. In conjunction with my BookTube Channel, I'm going to be doing a monthly warp up of the books that I've read each month. I thought it could be a fun way to share a quick peek at my thoughts to each book. I'll link any reviews that I've posted (either on here or on Goodreads) and you can pick up a copy of the book via the link I provide if it sounds interesting.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Paperless Post | RE:View

Who doesn't like getting a card? I know I do! But, the older I get, the harder it is for me to keep up with sending notes in the capacity I'd like. If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know that I've moved around quite a bit. Each of those moves have left me with amazing friends in different locations all over the U.S. and, while I still make it a priority to get out hand written cards here and there, I've now found a lovely alternative in Paperless Post!

What is Paperless Post?

Paperless Post is a company that offers digital invitations (think wedding & party), birthday cards, personal stationary, save the dates, and so much more! They offer a variety of fun designs and customizations helping you create the perfect card or invitation.

Here's one example of a card and envelope set:

My Experience with Paperless Post 

I tried out their service in a couple of different ways. I created an Easter card that I could send to friends and family (since most are scattered all over the U.S.) and scheduled it (yes! you can totally do this) to go out on the Saturday before Easter. How fun is that?

Then, I also sent a "thinking of you" card to a dear friend to let her know that I was thinking of her as well as praying for her. I had fun customizing the background, text, interior, and sending settings. More than that though, I was able to send a meaningful note in a "different way". It wasn't a text (which is still personal, but not nearly as pretty) and it wasn't a passing comment on a social media post or something like that. I really wanted her to know that I'd taken the time to pick out the right card for her and that it held a message that came from the heart.

If I may step of my "community soapbox" for a moment... Letting people know that you are thinking of them and care about them is SO important! It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day actives of life that we forget those who are around us. Whether that be our spouse or significant other or even our friends we may only see once a week or less, we should be actively looking for a way to let them know we care.

Maybe card or letter writing isn't your "thing" but it's so easy to use an already created template (you don't even need to customize if you don't want to) to send a quick note.

What I think about Paperless Post 

I would definitely recommend Paperless Post! They have some really beautiful card designs (even some from designers like Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co.). They also cover pretty much any occasion you may have and allow you the freedom and flexibility to customize each card with fun designs and digital papers.

Some things of note:

Cards do cost! They work on a 'coin' system that starts with allowing you to purchase 20 coins for $6 (making the coins $.30 each) with the option of larger quantities of coins which decreases the price per coin. When I looked around it seemed it was standard for a card to cost about 5 coins (or $1.50 a card) with the more intricate or designer cards costing around 8 coins (or $2.40 a card). Considering that most (nice) cards in the store are usually $4 + and then add the $.50 stamp on top of that, you are getting a good deal.

Also, as much as I love the ease of sending a digital card to someone - it's fast, cost effective, and environmentally friendly, it's slightly less personal (totally my own opinion here). Because of this, I would personally recommend and use Paperless Post for things like event invitations and even perhaps Wedding Save the Dates because of the expense of shipping out invitations of that magnitude could become very expensive and time consuming.

Lastly, I didn't do extensive research into other digital card-sending sites, but I did look around a bit. They may be less expensive, but you can tell that in the quality of their cards. I feel like (from an artists standpoint) the cards on Paperless Post are really top quality and the experience is very user friendly. You can send out mass invites or cards with ease and style, which I think makes Paperless Post stand out in it's field.

Use the link below to check out their website:

Visit Paperless Post

I was asked to experience this product for free but was under no obligation to post a positive review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

10 Myths about Marketing Your Book by DiAnn Mills | Guest Post

Excited to have the lovely DiAnn Mills on the blog today! I've met DiAnn in person a few times at conferences and she's been a frequent guest on my blog. I love when she shares about her books here, but she's got something different for us today. This month we'll be taking a closer look at book marketing and this post is perfect for this. Join in as DiAnn shares about 10 myths we commonly hear about marketing your book. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Echoes by Alice Reeds | Cover Reveal

Let us know what you think of the cover for Echoes by Alice Reeds, which releases August 7, 2018!

This cover reveal is brought to you by Entangled Teen.
Are you ready???

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Real Love Moments by Dana Mentink | Guest Post

Real Love? Where are my chocolates and roses?

Ah romance novels! Don’tcha love them? I do actually, and I write them, too, but sometimes they can be a tad on the unrealistic side. Why is that exactly? In my opinion, it’s because we want our romance novels to be realistic enough to be believable, but sometimes real love isn’t all that flashy when you get right down do it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Susan Mason | Author Chat

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Susan just a little at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat as well as seeing her at the annual American Christian Fiction Writers's conference. So happy to have her on the blog today! 

Susan Anne Mason describes her writing style as “romance sprinkled with faith.” She loves incorporating inspirational messages of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness into her characters’ journeys. Irish Meadows, her first historical romance, won the Fiction from the Heartland contest sponsored by the Mid-American Romance Authors chapter of RWA.
Susan lives outside Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and one rather plump cat. She loves red wine and chocolate, and is not partial to snow even though she’s Canadian. Learn more about Susan and her books at

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Serenity Hope by Michael Winstell | New Novel News

Serenity Hope 
by Michael Winstell

Published: February 6, 2018
Publisher: Independent
Purchase: Serenity Hope (He Calls Me By Name, Book 1)

Serenity Hope MacAlister loves three things: God, her family, and her horses. Riding across the grassy, windswept hills of north Texas, she finds happiness and contentment. But when an old flame comes back to town, memories of heartbreak and sorrow are stirred up again. Serenity finds herself torn between the desires of her heart, the path to her future, and the challenges that her burden her family. Can she find healing for her broken heart, the courage to hope again, and most importantly, the peace and serenity that only God can provide? 

Get to know Michael...

Favorite book...
I love classical literature and I've read books from numerous ages and cultures, but I have to say that my favorite is The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Most people only know of Inferno, the writer's journey through the rings of Hell, and while it is indeed a masterpiece, it is complimented by the other legs of his journey, Purgatorio and Paradiso. I do not subscribe to Dante's Catholic theology and the Bible does not support a place like Purgatory, but I am captivated by Dante's imagery and emotion. His descriptions of Heaven are as glorious as Hell is horrifying. Despite his shaky theology, Dante put into poetic form the terrors of sin and the rapture of God's presence in a way that no one has ever done.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin | Re:View

Yet another stunning novel by Sarah Sundin! The Sea Before Us was everything I hoped for and more. Sarah managed to weave a sweet romance between the bitterness of war and the disillusionment of misplaced expectations. With a prologue that will reel you in and many unanswered questions about the Fairfax family, this story of forgiveness, both human and Devine, as well as characters riddled with flaws and brimming with honesty and potential, will hold you captive until the end.