Monday, August 3, 2009

memory lane to expectation

I've been taking a lovely jaunt down memory lane. I feel its appropriate due to the fact that soon all i've known will be drastically different. I say that rather dramatically, but i only mean it in the way that i'll be moving out of the house in a week and a half - finally out into the great, wide unknown beyond my tiny scope of home, family, and friends. It is a drastic change. One i don't take lightly.

My memory-walking is due to the fact that i've started a scrap-booking project to chronicle the individual years of my life up until the end of high school. It's quite the task, but i'm finding a lot of joy in it! There are so many memories i cant recall, captured only by film (and it was still film then...). They taunt me, just begging me to remember them and enjoy the sweet bliss of yesteryear. But alas, i cannot remember most of these times and it's disturbing! Life was so carefree and happy back then.

Looking back does cause me to look forward with anticipation though. So many memories now fill pages in my scrap-book but there are so many pages that are yet to be filled and decorated, showcasing my next years. I am filled with anticipation at the great things God will do through and with me, and i eagerly await the unfolding of His plan for my life.

May we look back in order to look forward with anticipation!

Friday, July 31, 2009

my first blog

I've decided to dedicate more of my time to writing, seeing as I've finally finished my BA in Music and Youth Ministry. Its a wonderfully freeing thing to be able to dedicate time to something. Time being such a precious commodity of course. As I have never 'blogged' before (aside from Xanga) I find it to be a wonderful challenge to attempt to create something minimally interesting for the viewing of others. I may fail miserably at this, but at least I'll attempt it.

For now though, I am of to work on a manuscript that is nearly done...two chapters left!