Saturday, April 8, 2017

Titanis: A Quiet Professionals Novella by Ronie Kendig | Re:View

Secrets, romance, tension, and heart-pounding action set against the backdrop of a stunning Austrailian landscape. Titanis is a wild and passionate ride you won't soon forget.


Ah, reader friends, I cannot explain to you the depth of my LOVE for this novella! It was soooo wonderful! Coming on the heels of the other full-length, Quiet Professional's novels (Raptor 6, Hawk, and Falcon) this is a wonderful follow up and a look at Titanis and his life.

Set against the stunning and varied landscape of Australia, we get to see this brooding hero on the heels of all that happened in book 3 (which I won't spoil for you here). I loved the look into his life, the amazing setting of his impressive yacht, and the struggles he must overcome to reajust to life after the military.

Enter Ellis and her secrects, the very things that Titanis can't abide. She's sweet, passionate about her work, and more than a little intimidated by Titanis--for good reason. He's earned the name "The Beast of Cape York" and she gets a front row seat to his dogged determination.

I absolutely loved the interplay of these two characters. The tension, romantic and otherwise, is expertly written, drawing you in, and the building anticpation of the plot will make you read straight through to the end. I'm already thinking of when I'll read it again!

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves romantic suspense, romance, or just AWESOME writing. You won't regret getting a copy of Titanis!

My rating: 5*
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