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Lose Me. by M.C. Frank | Re:View

If you like NA, romance, and serious character tension, then chances are you are going to love Lose Me. 


Set mainly in Greece and featuring a half-Greek stunt girl and a handsome heartthrob actor as the main characters, this is the perfect summer-escape read! You'll be lost in the beautiful scenery and cultural experience of the story as much as you'll find yourself wrapped up in the character dynamics.

This book gave me SO many feelings...not all of them good, but not all of them bad either. I was actually mad at the main character for a good portion of the book, but I do think that's what makes a good book. Something that will pull emotions and feelings from its reader. There was something in the way that M.C. wrote that would NOT let me go. I had to keep reading to see what happened.

Ari and Wes. Major *sigh* From the moment you meet Ari you realize she's a different type of character. The best way I can describe it is that she's "distant". For reasons I won't get into, you do come to see more of why she is this way, but that was one of the tough parts of the book for me. I wanted to know more about why she was doing what she was or thinking what she was. Most of it is revealed near the end, but as a reader, I personally don't like being kept in the dark that much. And, along those lines, I'm not a fan of how some of the timeline played out. It was disconcerting for me as a reader to have flashbacks to a supposed "experience" the characters had together (like a date, for instance) only to find out it had already happened and the character was then thinking back on it. It's hard to explain, but in my mind when I was reading, I wanted to experience things as they were happening. I wanted to ask why we were brought "back" to that time period when we should have been "there" during it.

I was seriously rooting for them though. Man, they had some issues--both personally and interpersonally--but I liked how it all worked out in the end. I'll emphasize here that there is a lot--a lot--of drama in this book. Not in a bad way, just in a very turmoil-inducing type of way. You will definitely feel a lot of things while reading this. (Feel all the feelings!)

I also loved how she incorporated snapshots from Tumblr, text messages, and interviews in between the chapters. It made the experience of reading Lose Me. kind of like I was just hearing a story from a good friend or going through life with someone I cared about. It pulled me in and created great interest.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes NA and doesn't mind a lot of drama in their reading. If you like your heart to be wrung out (in the best way) and put back whole again, I think you'll really enjoy this book!

**I'll mention here for my Clean Readers that this is NA (New Adult) so there is a lot more kissing/passion/feelings detailed in the book though nothing explicitly depicted. There is also the use of cuss words here and there. I would recommend it for 17+.

My rating: 3.8*
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Book Description
(from Amazon)
Jane Austen meets K-drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance. "Today is not the day I die." Ari Demos, a half Greek stunt girl, starts her every day with this thought. It's not that her job isn't dangerous, but she's been surfing, training and doing sick water stunts for years. Now, just months after graduating from high school, she's ready for her first job on a real movie set. But on the day before shooting starts, she has an accident. One that almost claims her life. And that's when she realizes that she can't hide from the truth any longer: something big and dark is coming, and she's not sure she will survive it. Then Wes Spencer arrives on the scene with his expensive yacht, glamorous friends and bored attitude. He's a British superstar, the famous pirate of a hit TV show that made girls all over the planet swoon at a glimpse of his dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and he's in Greece to film a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. When he meets Ari, he dismisses her as too unimportant. But as it turns out, she isn't unimportant. In fact, quite the opposite. Will Wes and Ari fall in love Hollywood style, or will they end up fighting for their lives?
I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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