Friday, January 27, 2017

Physical Goals 2017

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Today's post may sound a little strange. You may be wondering what fits under the category of "physical". Now, typically a lot of people have "weight loss" goals or things like that for a new year. Those are great, but I wanted to go deeper than just thinking about outward appearances. Below, I outline some goals that affect me physically for this next year.

Physical Goals for 2017

Going to Bed & Waking Up Differently 
This has been something on my mind for a while now. How do we wake up? To be honest, I usually hit the snooze too many times and then, when I finally pry those bleary eyes open, I pick up my phone and "connect". I usually look through my notifications, check out what needs to be taken care of (while I'm still in bed mind you), and then check my Instagram account. Okay, so to be honest that does wake me up rather sufficiently. My brain is engaged early on and I'm ready to go. But you know what else it does? It hijacks my morning.

In line with my Life Goals for this year is a desire to not let my phone control me. It is so hard to do this sometimes because I want to check my messages, see who's texted me, reply to comments on my Insta and so many other "connected things" but I don't think that's always super helpful for me a) as a person and b) as a writer.

One of my favorite authors did an interview (that I only just saw recently) and he talked about this very same thing I'd been thinking of! He says that he begins his day by NOT looking at his phone but reading a book or newspaper etc. He phrased it as keep his "world small" and I love that perspective. It not only allows him to jump into writing if needed, but to have time away from "the world" until later.

For me, I think this looks going to be different and waking up differently. It means going to bed earlier (I often stay up past 12), not spending those few moments before bed checking social media, and using an alarm clock instead of my phone to wake up. Or, if I keep using my phone (since it tracks my sleep) turning it off and not looking at it. I think the alarm clock will be my best option but we'll see.

Take time to organize
So this is kind of a trick-goal if there is such a thing. I LOVE to organize. Like, love it so much! That and washing dishes...weird, right? But, because of that, I often don't "let" myself go crazy with organizing because it takes a lot of time. This year I want to be okay with re-organizing when needed, but to have it as something I work into my time-budget. This way the urge wont explode one day I'm not planning for it and then suddenly I'm off my writing schedule because I organized and cleaned all day.

Eating Lunch
I often forget/don't take time to eat lunch *cringes*. When I get in the "zone" of work I am in it! Whatever "it" may be. That means a lot of the time I look up and it's 3pm and I haven't even thought about lunch...just a second cup of coffee. I can't do's not good for my body or my brain. And, it kind of flows into my last goal...

 Walking More

Along with eating lunch I also want to be more diligent about my breaks. This means scheduling a walk every day if possible. This is really hard for me. Not because I don't like walking--I love it and often get in a run in the mornings before I start work--but I don't like the time it takes during the day. So, in order to 'reclaim' that time I will listen to an audio book, work on plot issues for a novel (the note app on my phone is so helpful for this), or take the time to pray and think.

What do you all think? Do you have "Physical Goals" for this year? If so, share one or two below! 

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