Saturday, July 2, 2016

Honest Thoughts: Another Year Older

It's my birthday! I know, you're probably thinking: why blog on your birthday? This will be short, but I felt inspired by a day of relaxing to do a quick post. I'm actually celebrating my birthday with a "Fall Day" with my roommate. We've turned the AC down a bit and broken out the fall scented candles and pumpkin flavored goodies. I'm about to finish up reading Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg and then we'll end the night with movies and pizza. This may sound "lame" to some...but it's the perfect, restful day for me.

Well, I've hit 30. I know...the big 3-0. I can hardly believe I've been here on earth for 30 years. I suppose a birthday is as good a day as any to reflect back on life. Being an introspective person, I tend to do a lot of deep thinking that sometimes comes out and other times remains hidden in the back of my mind until it's ready to see daylight.

For this birthday I think I'll leave the deep thinking for another day and just reflect back on some of the highlights, joys, and fond memories up until this point. These are in no particular order and just things that have come to mind:
  • Camping on the Oregon coast with my parents (no slugs thank you!)
  • Knowing some of my best friends for over 20 years
  • Being part of ACFW and meeting some of my favorite authors
  • Having a fantastic, Godly roommate for the last 5 years!
  • Seeing God's provision for my life
  • Meeting Brendan <3 br="">
  • Being self-employed and having my "dream job" of writing and photography 
  • Living in Washington, DC & attending Redemption Hill Church
  • My writing buddies!
  • Getting an agent - just one step closer to my dream of being a published author!
  • Coffee. Just coffee.
  • All of the amazing friends I've met blogging & on Insatagram (#bookstagram!)
  • My relationship with my parents 
  • Souled Out Youth Group
  • Becoming a godmother to Baby T!!! 
  • Books Books Books
  • Keeping connections with friends all over the country/world (I miss you all!!!)
  • Lastly, but MOST importantly, my relationship with Christ!
I know I missed a TON of amazing things in this list, but they were just a few things that came to mind. I feel like, even in making this little list, I realize more and more it is the people we connect with that truly make life beautiful. It's about community and genuine connections. The "things" are good, but without people to share them with they are dulled. I am blessed to have so many amazing, genuine, Godly friendships and the ability to share the highs and the lows of life with these people is truly the best.

Thank you to all of you who follow me on this blog (even when I'm a bit "MIA" because of life/work craziness) and thank you to all of those who are in my community near and far. Here's to 30!

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