Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Attention Required Please

Hi everyone - Emilie here really quickly to do an update via post.

So...due to some type of issue, either with Google or Blogger (I'm not really sure at this point) your comments are being eaten. >Insert boo, hiss, and frustrated tears on my end<

The good news: 

I can still see them when I log out of Google! Yes - you are being heard and I do still love you all!

The bad news: 

You probably think that your comment hasn't gone through or you forgot to post or that maybe I don't like you. NONE of these things are true!


I just wanted to make mention of this because I truly cherish ALL of your thoughts here on the blog. Seriously - I love you guys and you are the reason Thinking Thoughts is around. *HUG* I'm spending my time going back and forth in browsers so that I can see all of your lovely thoughts!!! I promise I am reading them and replying out loud (yes, I probably look silly talking to myself but it's all for you, dear readers).

Secondly, I know that in past posts I've asked for comments to be made to enter giveaways etc. - it's part of why I did the Rafflecopter giveaway on Monday (p.s. have you entered that yet? Oh, and don't forget the chance to win Dani Pettrey's Cold Shot - one more day for that one people!!). Not to worry - I'm checking back and forth and I AM seeing what you've said - promise! So you can feel free to comment and I'll make sure to check those before doing anything else.

I really really really hope this gets cleared up soon...they have people working on it but I've been given no timeline or anything. I'm not the only one involved so I hope that means they are working extra hard on it ;-)

Lastly, if you have anything urgent you want to say to me, or you'd like a reply from me on something, you can always use the "Contact the Thinker" form on the right (sidebar) of the blog. That comes right to me and I promise to respond to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, have a cookie and I'll keep you informed on when (Lord, please make it soon) they fix this issue!

Much love,

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