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Jaime Jo Wright {Writer Wednesday}

A little bit about Jaime...

Professional coffee drinker, Jaime Wright, resides in the hills of Wisconsin. She loves to write spirited and suspenseful, turn-of-the-century romance.

How to connect with Jaime...

Periscope: @jaimejowright
Purchase: The Cowboy's Bride

Get to know Jaime Jo Wright

You and Writing 

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Why do you write? Writing is my other-world, and it always has been. It’s that dangerous place you go into your mind where the rest of the world drifts away and you float into adventures that take spiraling turns you never expected. I have always had an overactive imagination, so I married a guy I call “Cap’n Hook” because he has imagination in the negatives and his pragmatism keeps me balanced and my feet on the ground. Poor man always has to deal with me lifting up objects like paper clips or toothpicks and contemplating aloud how you could use it as a murder weapon. Or, worse, the poor man has to deal with me staring at him with dreamy eyes and swooning when he walks in the door all covered in saw dust and dirt from logging our back woods. Gosh. Hunkafide.

I love to spend time passing on my imagination to my Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, and my kiddos have it in spades (so poor Cap’n Hook is pretty much outnumbered). When I’m not writing, I have a day job where I direct people as a Director of Sales, Development & Associate Relations. It’s a hefty job, but gives me a lot of flexibility so I can work out of coffee shops sometimes. (Writer’s paradise)

Emilie here: Love this "look" into you Jaime! I tend to think more in the imaginative world than the real one ha!

Your Writing

Tell us a little bit about your novella...

When I wrote my novella it was starkly clear to me that it must be set in New Mexico. All the Western states seemed to be well represented in novels, especially that Texas! But I grew up going to New Mexico in the summers to visit my Uncle’s horse ranch and my grandparents who lived next door. So there’s a part of me that has New Mexico in her blood. Fond memories of my Uncle Dave meant he needed to be represented in my novella as well. He passed away awhile ago and we all feel the ache his absence left behind. When I wrote “Charlie”, my glorified version of an old cowboy, Uncle Dave was filtering into every sentence and scene.

 Emilie here: Oh wow - it's amazing to hear the "story behind the story" in a sense, with this! I love that you choose a less represented state too. Those Texan's get all the stories *hehe*.


Let's talk about your writing life...

How long did you write before you got published?
Hmmmm….I have been writing since I was 13 with the intention to be published some day. Lofty intentions, to be sure. I had no idea the journey it would take me on. 26 years later, here I am. (you do math, yeah, I’m THAT old).

What advice would you give to aspiring authors for writing and/or publishing?
I think when I look at young writers now, I believe it’s dangerous to say that you’ll achieve your dreams if you just keep trying. The publishing world is iffy and ebbs and flows. If you attend a writer’s conference you’ll see hundreds of people with the SAME DREAM and yet a large publisher might only publish 7-15 fiction titles a year. That’s quite the odds. So you may be the BEST writer, and never see your name in print. So, sure aspire for it, reach for it, never quit, but write because you LOVE it. Write as if you never shared your work with anything other than your harddrive you’d be okay. Writing is in your blood.

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What is your favorite genre to read? Why do you enjoy it? I love to read historicals with suspense and romance. I need plot. Straight up historical romance can be exceptionally well done if there’s a good driving plot beneath. It doesn’t have to involve murder (altho that’s always a plus). I love Erica Vetsch, for example, because while hers have zilcho to do with suspense she has snark riddled through her pages and a good story to go alongside the romance. I also love to read rom-com (Romantic Comedy) and Romantic Suspense.

What’s your favorite green food? (In honor of St. Patrick’s Day of course!)
My favorite green food, in honor of St. Paddy, is pistachio gelato. OMIGOSH. To die for.

What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading a few books (I always have more than one going). Sister Dear by Laura McNeill is my current open on the kindle. My paperback on the couch is The Fine Art of Murder by the dude who wrote Rambo. So good, but really thick, so it’s taking awhile. On my desk at work is The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. Also so good, also really thick.

Emilie here: Thank you so much for joining us on the blog today! I loved getting to meet you and do head shots a last years conference. You, my dear, have the best sense of humor! Readers, go check out this lovely collection and join Jaime on social media.


Had the lovely Rachel McMillan on the blog last week (check out her interview if you missed it) and she offered up a copy of her new book, The Bachelor Girl's Guide To Murder. Her winner is:

Patty Hamblin

I'll be in contact Patty - and thanks everyone for participating!

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