Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winners All Around

Excited that we have so many winners on the blog today! I decided to just do one big ole post.

And the winner of Heart's Design...

Katrina Epperson

Congratulations Katrina!! 

And the winner of The Tomb by Stephanie Landsem is...

Virginia Winfield

I'm sure you'll enjoy this Virginia!

Excited to announce the winner of Erin Healy's Motherless and the $10 Starbucks gift card...

Emily Smith

(props on having an excellent name Emily hehe)

Thanks for everyone who participated! I'll be contacting you Emily and we'll arrange to get your your coffee card and book.

Winners of the above books...

by Dana R. Lynn

Melissa Oldaker

with Jennifer Ulharick

Joy Avery Melville

by Dana Mentink

Susan P

You may not have won today, but check out my giveaway from this week from author Melissa Tagg and Catherine West! 

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