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Caryl McAdoo | New Novel News

Sing a New Song
by Caryl McAdoo

Published April 15, 2015
Indie Published
Purchase: Sing a New Song (Red River Romance Book 2)

The untimely death of her father shatters Mary Esther Robbins’ heart and separates her from her grade school best friend, Samuel Levi Baylor. During their twenty years apart, she fulfills her life’s dream of penning new songs and singing God’s praise with a Christian band, while he tends his growing cattle herd and shares the Good News at every opportunity.

The Lord brings her home then throws them back together when Samuel agrees to help Mary Esther move and remodel her childhood home. The two decades lost vanish, and their time together convinces both the other is the true soul mate. But misunderstanding and fear keeps them from expressing their true love. Though jealousy rears its ugly head, can love and commitment hold the two together? And while they’re both committed to ministering the Gospel together, can they do it as husband and wife?
Get to know Caryl...

What are the names of your pets?

I have two inside dogs, Markies (part Maltese, part Yorkie), Berri Bitti ‘Belle’ is the mama (6 lb.), and her lil’ girl, 4 lb. Sassafras a.k.a. ‘Sassy’. Outdoors, 3 more dogs, Border Collie Faith, Great Pyrenees Zoe, and walk-up sorta lab-pit looking Bodark, and he’s plenty henpecked :) At last count, 7 barn cats – all the gray ones are ‘Charlie’ and there’s Pat (yellow tiger-striped) Smoky and Misty (calicos). And I have a horse named Bliss, a Rooster named Roscoe and his hen is Tulip. Roscoe has his own song :) I sing new songs like Mary Esther, my heroine, but not ALL are praise and worship :) Some are just fun!

Share one pet peeve you have.

Ooooo, you’ve gone and done it now, Emilie :) Christian women dressing immodestly! They model such bad examples for all the younger women we are SUPPOSED to be teaching to be modest. Rhinestones and sequins on back pockets only draw attention to that ‘area’. It breaks my hearts when mothers put those and those skin tight yoga pants on their precious little girls. How can it be that they want to draw the attention of so many perverts in the world - - - not to mention Christian brothers who may have trouble with lust! They also wear blouses too low cut showing cleavage or leaving nothing to anyone’s imagination if they lean forward! And clothes in general that are too tight.

Next time you’re at church, notice this: when everyone ‘stands’ see how many women grab their belt loops or waistbands and hike the jeans allowing their derrières to settle again. It’s going on all over the sanctuary every time we ‘stand’ again! How does that affect the men behind them? Do they even care? Shall I step down off my soapbox? I could go on…
Do you have a nickname? Care to share?

My favorite granddaddy called me Lavonnie (my middle name is Lavonne) and he’d razz me calling me a Prune Picker because I was born in California. MY cousins were Okie and Arkie. I figured I should at least be a Callie, although what I wanted him to call me was Texan! :) And my mother called me Queenie a lot. You know, I mean, I am the firstborn; and an only child for eight years. I guess somehow I grew up thinking I should have my way in pretty much every instance. Then I married Ron and he was as bad as Mama and Daddy spoiling me. He called me Queenie, too, sometimes :) tee hee hee I still get my way a lot! :)


Had the lovely Pepper Basham on the blog last week introducing her debut Historical Romance, The Thorn Bearer. She graciously offered a copy up as a giveaway and it's time to announce the winner! 

Congratulations to...

Rebecca Bell

Contact me Rebecca and we'll get you your copy :)

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