Saturday, February 7, 2015

For the Love of Writing: 7 Things That Keep Me Writing

February is a moth devoted to love. This single girl may not have a man in her life (aside from my amazing Dad!) but I do have a love. A love of writing.

>>Insert corny grin<<

Anyway, sometimes things can overshadow that love and I find myself missing the initial attraction I once had. The spark is gone. The romance--dead.

What do I do when that happens? Not to worry, I'm going to tell you! These things, of course, aren't a cure-all remedy, but they do help when it comes to reliving the love I have for writing.

7 Things That Keep Me Writing

1. Prayer
I put this in the coveted #1 slot for a reason. It should be my go-to at every turn, though sadly I'll admit it sometimes isn't. When I'm feeling 'down in the dumps' or uncreative, I need to pray and remember. Pray for the strength to push through and for inspiration to the creator of inspiration, but also to remember that I didn't start on this crazy journey completely of my own accord. I had a purpose, direction form the Lord, and a passion for it. 

Never underestimate the power of a great conversation! Find those creative friends and start talking about writing. Share your lackluster outlook. Ask about their work. Talk about books. Be encouraged. This goes hand and hand with number 3...

Images by: Alicia Savage
3. Dreaming
Ah the beauty of wide opens spaces in the mind. Give yourself some time to get away (or out) whether that's a drive through the countryside, a walk around your neighborhood, or maybe just sitting in a coffee shop without another agenda. Allow yourself the freedom to dream--about your current work or your next one--but don't put the pressure on. Just let it simmer.

4. Creating
Writing is a creative process. Sometimes, when one creative thing falls dormant, another can reawaken it. Take some time to create even if that's not involving writing. I'm a photographer so I can turn to photography as another creative outlet. What about you?

5. Reading
Sometimes when your writing feels uninspired you need to remember just how good great writing can feel. Take time to read a great book! Maybe it's one you've already read that inspired you, or possibly a new one by your favorite author. Let their imagination and writing spur you to write.

6. Re-reading
Now we're talking serious action. When you're uninspired to write, suck it up and go back to that manuscript collecting dust in the corner. Put away the distractions, pick it up, pray, and then start re-reading. Look for things that inspire you within your own writing--the phrases or descriptions that you can't believe you wrote. Then be honest about what needs work. You've already started the process by this point. 

7. Writing
Last but not least, what keeps me writing? WRITING. Ha! That may be counter intuitive but it's true. Sometimes I just need to write to remember that I love to write. It may be painful. It may be awful writing. And it may result in 200 words written before you have to take a break, but at the end of the day those 200 words brought you just that much closer to the end.

What about you? What do you do when the "romance had faded" with writing? What keeps you writing?

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