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Cathy Elliott & Jessica Keller | New Novel News + GIVEAWAY

A Vase of Mistaken Identity
by Cathy Elliott

Published February 2015
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Murder in Larkindale?

Thea James, proprietress of James & Company Antique Emporium, never thought murder would come to her small, surviving Gold Rush town of Larkindale. But when the Larkindale Lamplight reports the discovery of a body during the renovation of Larkin Lake Resort, Thea is caught up in the mystery.

Her world is further frenzied when she acquires a vintage vase from the town’s only homeless person. Thea finds a puzzling list tucked inside with four names written in a faded scrawl: two childhood friends from a summer camp, her sister Rosie, and . . . her own name!

When the first woman on the list ends up in a coma and another mysteriously disappears, Thea knows she must save herself and her sister from harm. Her attempt to eliminate the vicious threat on their lives propels Thea to places she never wanted to visit.

Will she discover the connection before tragedy strikes?
Get to know Cathy...

Cathy is a full-time writer in northern California whose cozy mysteries reflect her personal interests from quilting and antique collecting to playing her fiddle with friends. She also leads music at church and cherishes time with her grandchildren. Cathy’s other plot-twisting works include Medals in the Attic and A Stitch in Crime.
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The Fireman's Secret
by Jessica Keller

Published February 1, 2015
Love Inspired
After the fire that injured her and burned down Goose Harbor's only church fourteen years ago, Shelby Beck is planning to rebuild—the structure and her life. But her wounds have always caused her to keep men at a distance. When Joel Palermo returns to town as a fireman and is assigned to help Shelby raise funds for the new construction, she's surprised at how easy it is to get close to her brother's old friend. Could he be the man she'll finally trust enough to let in? Or will the bond they've built go up in flames, when Joel's own scars are revealed?
Get to know Jessica...
If you were a superhero, what would be your super power?
Can I be the Great Cookie Caper? Because having the power to just make cookies appear out of thin air would really be awesome. And coffee. Hmm. Let me rethink this. Yes, the Great Cookie Caper who has the power to make cookies and coffee appear. I feel like that would solve a lot of problems. Like a crime is happening? Okay, I’ll show up and offer them cookies and coffee and have everyone sit down and talk out their problems. That could work, right? And I’d be a dream for a writer on a deadline. Slumping at your desk at midnight trying to work through that muddle of a middle? No worries. I’ll show up with refreshments.

What are you reading right now?
I’m knee deep wading into Serena Chase’s The Ryn, which is the first book in her Eyes of E’veria series (and it is—in a word—amazing). It’s a young adult epic fantasy that has fairytale elements AND pirates. Need I say more? I was sold when I heard: pirates.

Which of your characters do you secretly have a crush on?
I have serious feelings for the wonderful Michael Pace who is the hero of my young adult fantasy series (TimeShifters). He has a tortured past and yet he’s still quick to smile and make a joke (I’m so sick of the broody, moody guys with tortured pasts that have filled young adult fiction in the last few years). His losses and experiences have made him thoughtful, and he is good at reading what other people need. Michael is selfless when it comes to taking care of others, sometimes to a fault. He just makes me sigh. And I want to give him a great big hug and make him brownies and promise him all his sacrifices will have been worth it in the end.
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