Monday, October 13, 2014

The 7 Snacks of NaNo | NaNoWriMo Prep (part 2)

Forget about writing, I want to talk about FOOD! Specifically, my favorite NaNoWriMo snacks.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day...well I say, my novel wasn't written without amazing snacks. Hum, maybe that doesn't really translate, but oh well.

There are a few key things to think through when choosing the perfect Nano snacks.

1. Accessibility
What can you readily grab from the cupboard or fridge without losing your train of thought?

2. Cleanliness
What can you snack on that won't leave your fingers sticky or require you to wash your hands?

3. Health 
What's relatively healthy but still tastes good?

Here are my top 7 favorite snacks for NaNoWriMo
*P.S. For the sake of this post I shall deem liquids comparable to snacks...don't ask.

1.  Coffee
All day. Every day. All the time :)

2. Pretzels
Love these little guys. Tasty and yet not messy.

3. Carrots & Celery
Meets all the criteria and gives you a satisfying crunch!

4. Tea
Favorites include: Peppermint, Moroccan Mint, Lemon, English or Irish Breakfast (with cream, thank you), and Sugar Plum Spice Tea (bring on the holiday's).

5. Chocolate
You've got to be careful with this one, but M&M's work great - the whole "melt in your mouth not in your hand" thing works very well for writers.

6. Popcorn
Blurs the line slightly here, but I use an air popper machine so there's no butter. Just takes a while to eat so there's a time factor to consider. 

7. Coffee
Oh, er- did I already say that? I guess I could put apples in here too, but coffee just seemed to fit so nicely...

There you have it. Some of my favorite snacks! Did any of mine make your list?

What about you? What are your favorite snack foods? What, in particular, will you be stocking up on for NaNoWriMo?

***See part 1 here.

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