Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thoughts on Downton Abbey

Unfortunately, our {Writer Wednesday} guest was unavailable for today's interview.  While thinking what I could share you with instead, the only thing that came to mind was Downton Abbey.  And, a quick word of advice? Make sure you're saying "Down-Ton" not "Down-Town" as I've heard a few people say... ;)

I will admit to being completely taken in and transfixed with the characters, plot, scenery, clothing, and era of it all.  To be completely English about it - it's brilliant!

First off, let me mention that I'm only on Season 2, about 3/4 of the way through so I'm not totally caught up to speed here, but what I've enjoyed thus far has been marvelous. I won't comment so much about specifics - don't really want to give it away - but just a few themes that have caused me to think. 


So many characters sacrifice so much for the sake of their station, their love, or even their own homeland.  It is so interesting to following the characters, both 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' and to see their different pursuits and ways that they must sacrifice - whether that be for good reasons or bad.  I often am amazed at the attitude of some of the servants - for some, it really is a passion as much as it is their livelihood.  Downton gives us the opportunity to see a house of this magnitude within context.  It's not so much about the divide between the lord and his/her servants but more of an ecosystem in and of itself.  Very interesting and quite entertaining.

Forbidden love.

This one is all over the place in this series! Whether it be a maid and an officer, a married man with an unmarried woman, or a love that spans classes in an "improper way" for that time - it's rampant at Downton.  Aside from blatant, unbliblical types of love, I have focused in on the "love that spans classes" as something wholly romantic and beautiful.  I'm sure at the time it was seen as an abomination, but to my writers imagination it's the fodder of great stories.  It has me wondering "what if" for future plots.

Then I tied this type of love to something even greater - God's love for us. It's kind of the same idea, isn't it?  Christ sacrificed Himself for us - His dignity, His standing, His life all because of love (John 3:16). I don't know about you, but that overwhelms me! I definitely see the potential for writing an allegory in the future.  It's been done, but why not just one more story that parallels God's love to us?

Well, it's back to my manuscript for now.  I've been working on rewrites for the last few days and can't wait to be ready to move to the next step!

Are you watching Downton?  If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  Who is your favorite character? 

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  1. I love Downton Abbey too! It's difficult to narrow it down, but my favorite characters are Daisy, Lady Violet, Mrs. Patmore, and Mr. Carson.