Thursday, January 31, 2013

I think I need to retire...

Retirement is sounding really good right now. 

Ok, ok...I don't mean to say that I don't like my job - because I definitely do!  But, I have been thinking lately how difficult it is to find time to write and edit and read and do photography and work all within the same week.  I know that, being a writer, reading is important to honing my craft.  Editing is also important which means that I should add reading books about editing to my already long reading list.  In addition to that, I'm trying to refine a few full-length manuscripts for contests and publication which takes a long time.  If weeks continue like this one has, I will be busy every night this week leaving me... well, just about no time to work on anything. I sounding whiny?  Because that is never good.

I do have to wonder though, am I the only person that feels this way?  I'd wager a guess and say no.  How often do we find ourselves in positions where we have a desire to do one thing but find other things getting in the way?  I think that could translate to our spiritual walk, our relationships with friends and family, or (like me) our passions

I long for a day when I can wake up and make my way to my little desk and write!!! All day, every day.  Ok, with some photography scattered in there.  Oh yeah, and a cup of coffee or two (or three...).  Then I remember that the Lord leads us where He wants us.  If I were asked, I'd say that I know I'm supposed to be right where I am for now.  He may lead me in a different direction in the future but I know that He will lead me there when it's His time.

For now, I am confident in Him and His plans for me.  I am so absolutely blessed in my current job working for my church and moving into a new office space with an incredible window (pictured to the right).  I desire to live each day thankful and seeking out what I have to be thankful for!

How about you, my dear readers?  Do you face these desires?  Maybe not to be retired so you can do nothing, but to move into a state of freedom to pursue passions?  How are you coping with your current situation?  How do you stay content? 

If you have the time, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below :)


  1. My thoughts concur with yours, Emilie. I enjoy fiction writing, but there are so many other fun (and not so fun) things competing for my time. Creative fiction takes a lot of brain energy. I'm currently writing non-fiction articles and finding the process an oasis for my mind.

    There's still energy and creativity involved in non-fiction writing, of course, but at least I'm not living in my novel's alternate parallel universe, obsessed with imaginary characters and story.

    I think my husband and kids are happy I'm not writing fiction at the moment. Non-fiction writing is my temporary anchor to the present as I refresh my mental faculties and prepare to write fiction again in the future...after my little cerebral holiday.

    1. It is nice to take a break, isn't it?? I wish I had more time to devote to my writing in general but I think I just need to balance my free time more wisely where I'm at...

  2. Em,
    I really enjoyed this post. It wasn't whinny at all it was refreshing. Refreshing because you put your dreams and passions right out in the open and strive to make time for them. It took me until this recently to find out what I'm passionate about, now that I know I enjoy every minute of it. With passion there is a drive. A drive to create, explore and inspire others. You will always find time for writing, because that is what you enjoy doing. Yes, with life comes balance. The first step in creating balance is recognizing when it is missing. I have no doubt that one day you will be able to reach your dreams of becoming a writer. You are in the thick of it right now! One way I stay content is to always look forward, and yet take time to look down and notice the people and things around me in this present moment. I've had to fight to stay present some days because I want to pursue my future with zeal and get there already!

    There is a book that takes 7 minutes to read cover to cover. The introduction was the part that caught my attention but I think it pertains to your situation right now. Dance While you Can, by Lance Wubbels. Matthew 6:27 is good too.

    Glad to hear that you now have an office with a view :)Take care, Zachary