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July and August Wrap-Up 2020

Welp, due to the overwhelming "project" of writing a book on my blog during the month of August, I totally forgot to post my July wrap-up. So, instead, I decided to do both July and August here in one post. Economical, don't you think? 
July was my birthday month and you'd think I would have had more time to read...but not really. In fact, perhaps due to the stuttered start of the reading month (not having much in the way of 4-5* reads) I think I fell into a bit of a slump. Then there was August where I was working on writing WHOLE book, posting each day, so that cut back in my reading as well. 

In the end, divided between July and August I read 10 books. Here's hoping September offers me a bit more time to read!

July and August Reading Wrap-Up

I personally would not recommend this as a 'writing book. Perhaps it was just me...?  See my Goodreads review here

I'd had high hopes for this but, in the end, it wasn't really a favorite. See my Goodreads review here

I saw so many people reading this when it first came out so when it became available on my library app as an audiobook I thought - why not? I read the first few pages (in ebook form) and was intrigued. I love magical realism and enjoyed this one. There was some drug use and some adult references, but the story itself, while sad, was something I'm glad I read once. 

I don't do this very often...but I'm not going to rate this book because I DNF'd (did not finish) it. This is very not like me, but as I state in my Goodreads review (read it here) I could not get in to the story. I don't usually mind a little mystery and confusion, trying to figure out where the story is going etc. But there was something in the way this book started that didn't excite me and didn't really draw me in. I made it to 41 pages and, though I try to get to 50 before I DNF, I couldn't move past it. I'd look at the book and not feel motivated to read it. 

If I've learned anything in the last several years - it's that there is NOT enough time in this life to read books you aren't excited about. Sounds sad, and I don't mean for it to, but it's more realistic than anything. 

As for recommending this - I'm going to say my experience was wholly personal. I didn't connect with the story but YOU may love it. I hear it's a take on Dante's Inferno (which I have not read) and that it's a powerful story of forgiveness. If that sounds up your alley - give it a read :) 

Really enjoyed this creative YA Fantasy! Read my review on Goodreads here.

Wow. Made it to the end of this series and it's sad to think it's all done now! Read my review here

Yep. I re-read Twilight and my star rating increased!!! You may think that's crazy...and maybe it is?...but something about re-reading the book this time around made me love it even more. (And yes, I read it in preparation of reading Midnight Sun). I think for me it was a bit of nostalgia mixed in with the anticipation of the romance and challenges that made me re-love this book. Yes, I could see errors and a lot of echo words...but somehow I didn't mind ;) And yes, I do plan on reading the rest of the series again!

This little beauty (which I was gifted and advanced reading copy of from the publisher) was such a fun and sweet story! I wrote a review on Goodreads you can read here but it's definitely worth checking out for your children! It releases October 6th.

Well, bummer. I had so hoped to love this one as I have the other two books in the series but something was off for me? I do like Wild West stories, I like the characters chosen, but perhaps something in the way they were all compiled together was just not my favorite plot line of their books? 

Part of me wished there could have been more going on with the idea of Wild Bill's show - I realize it was only a more temporary aspect of the story but I really liked hearing about their performances etc. I also lost a little interest on the various romantic lines of the book and just found myself not really caring (*hides face*). 

The writers are funny had did an excellent job of capturing the feeling that the other books had and the humor, but for some reason this story just fell flat for me. You, however, may love it! 

EIP! I loved this book! I'm going to do a separate post for the review and will be sharing more about it on my Instagram page but I love Julie's writing and was so happy to fall head-first into this world! This baby comes out September 22nd and you're gonna want to have it pre-ordered! 

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