Friday, July 24, 2020

August Story Secondary Character Announcement

I've announced the title of this story and at the start of this week we took a look at one of the main characters (missed her story? find it here). Today, we're looking into another character - my second main character in Suspended in the Stars. 

Yep, I still haven't talked myself out of writing a book on my blog next month. Crazy, right? If you missed what this is all about find my intro post here.

So, we're talking about a circus, right? But not all of my characters have been performing their acts for crowds hungry for some galactic entertainment. Today's character, my second main character, has a bit of a different back story. Sadly, I won't be able to get into it much for the sake of the story, but I think you'll get to now him well here. 


Renner Cartha 

Renner was enlisted to the Inter-Galactic Army at age eleven and has known no other life since. Yes, he was taken before the age of acceptance (12) but his step-father didn't seem to mind too much at the time. 

When he's not taking orders or practicing hand-to-hand combat, he loves to log hours in the flight simulator and hone his aim. Yes, he's a good shot, but no more bragging - his head is already a little to large. 

Some favorites...

Food: Muffins. He seriously loves any type of muffin. 

Drink: Drawx Sunrise - A syrupy sweet drink made up of the pressed liquid of Drawx melons (think honeydew), orange juice, and cherry syrup with a splash of club soda. Fizzy and delicious.

Hobby: Fighting, shooting, flying...not exactly in that order. 

Color: Black. It's his uniform color and he says it goes with everything. 

And there's Renner - or Ren to his friends. He's simple in his tastes and has experienced some struggles in the past, but he's not even remotely prepared for what will happen to him when he goes to the circus! 

Next week, as I continue my prep posts for August, I'm going to be sharing a link to my Pinterest board for this novella and then a cover reveal for the mock cover I made to get me exited about this! Hope to have you come back!