Monday, July 27, 2020

August Book Pinterest Fun

Who doesn't love a good Pinterest board? 

I've actually done Pinterest boards for almost every book I've written - and even some that haven't been written yet. I think the part of being a visual artist as well as a 'written' one is that I love seeing things. I'll be sharing some more about my blogging a book experience and the link to this books Pinterest board so you can see the world with me. 

Do you Pinterest? 

If you spend time on Pinterest - either as a reader, writer, or pinner of ALL things, then you may like to check out my board for Suspended in the Stars! 

A little bit about the board...

So far there are 4 sections and I'll describe what you'll find in each below: 

1) Talie's section: This is obviously about Talie! What she likes to wear, her aesthetic, her hair (one of my favorite things about her!) and her berth.

2) Renner's section: About Renner (yep, you guessed that) and the things he likes, his amor, and even his favorite muffins!

3) Blog post section: This is where I've pinned images from each blog post about this series for easy access in case you missed one! 

4) Main section: This is basically all things that (to me at least) feel like the story. There are images of what I think the circus spaceship looks like inside, inspiration images for minor characters in the story, and even some vintage circus shots that make me feel inspired. I love the idea of melding futuristic things with vintage things! 

It was SO much fun going through Pinterest and figuring all of this out. Of course, not everything translates exactly to what is in my mind, but I hope this gives you a window into what this world looks like. 

Check out my board here: 

Lastly, I cannot wait to show you the cover I created for this series! I'm going to be releasing it here on the blog on Friday July 31st (woohoo) BUT newsletter subscribers will get an early look at it on Wednesday. If you haven't signed up* for my newsletter yet you can do so here:

*I promise - you will NOT get spam when you sign up. I don't send out many updates unless something noteworthy is happening (usually) and you can unsubscribe anytime as well. 

Until Friday...


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