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Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews | New Novel News

Isaiah's Daughter
by Mesu Andrews

Published: January 16, 2018
Publisher: Waterbrook/Multnomah
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The Hebrews are a divided nation. Israel in the north—ten tribes strong—has bowed to pagan worship. In Judah’s two tribes, an evil king mocks King David’s legacy while a remnant of Yahweh’s faithful cling desperately to their one true God.

Caught in the middle of the warring is an orphaned girl named Ishma—meaning “desolation.” Her short life already mirrors the name.

Yet Yahweh’s plan for her has only just begun.
Ishma enters the prophet Isaiah’s home as a household servant, but her quick mind and lively spirit gain the friendship of Prince Hezekiah. When Isaiah sees their friendship grow to passion, he adopts Ishma, giving her a royal pedigree and a new name. Ishma becomes Hephzibah — “delight of the Lord” – and the desolate captive becomes Judah’s queen.

But loving Hezekiah will require more of Hephzibah than she ever imagined. From Ahaz’s terrifying reign to the Assyrian threat and Isaiah’s own perplexing prophecies—Zibah remains trapped by fear, facing an uncertain future. Will becoming Judah’s queen lead to freedom from her past? Can she trust everything to the only One who gives life and delivers both a captive heart and a desperate nation?

Get to know Mesu...

Who is your favorite secondary character?
I love Aya, Isaiah’s wife. She’s this absolutely steady-on, wise, yet ferocious woman of God who loves her family and is loyal to her friends but will tolerate absolutely no foolishness. She’s got a wry sense of humor and a 1-800-GOD direct line to the Throne. LOVE her!

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Easy…Israel. Unfortunately, I had no idea I would ever write a book when we went there in 2000. I would have taken much better notes. But it’s amazing how—even 17 years later—my memories of that Beautiful Land are still so vivid!

Do you have a nickname? Care to share?
Mesu is my nickname. As you can see by my picture, I’m not of Asian descent. Contrary to my ornery husband’s fibs, my parents were not missionaries in China. My real name is long and hard to pronounce (Maralasu), and it came out “Mee-sue” when I was learning to talk. That’s what stuck. For more info on my background, check out the “About” tab on my website.

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