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Delia Latham | New Novel News

Spring Raine
by Delia Latham

Published: February 24, 2017
Publisher: Pelican Book Group
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An uncharacteristic, last-minute decision to do something "wild and crazy" before entering the stressful world of forensic science sends Raine Presley to Cambria, California. Against a cloud of disapproval from her slightly manipulative, over-protective parents, she signs a seasonal lease at the beautiful Paradise Pines Lodge...and winds up over her head in life and love.

Declan Keller's just minding his own business—literally—when Raine drops into his world and turns it upside down. He's far too busy carving beautiful shapes out of chunks of wood to be babysitting a gal from Pasadena. Even so, his father’s promise to an old friend obligates him, despite a looming deadline that could make or break his career in the art world. He’s praying for anything but Raine when she comes along.

Neither Declan nor Raine is prepared for the seemingly divine influence of Paradise Pines—and Miss Angelina Love. A mysterious lady who may or may not own the lodge, Miss Angie possesses an amazing talent for mending ruffled feathers, spouting proverbs, and somehow bending even the most determined of hearts to the power of love.

Get to know Delia...

If your book became a movie, who would you cast for your main characters? 
Oh, how fun! I love any chance to give readers a “visual” of my characters.

I always search out photos online that I can use as a visual for myself while writing my stories. That’s always a lot of fun, and a particularly enjoyable part of the process for me.

In Spring Raine, Raine’s description bears components of both Alexis Bledel and Rebecca Gayheart, but I gave her green eyes and Raine’s hair is darker than either Alexis’s or Rebecca’s. I think I’d choose Rebecca to play the role of Raine.

Declan’s model was Eric Dane. Oh, come on, ladies…how could I possibly go wrong? lol (Besides, Eric is married to Rebecca in real life—and I didn’t even know it until after I’d written the book! A fun fact…)

Would you rather go to the future or go to the past?
Definitely the past. Who wouldn’t want a chance for a do-over or two…or three…or four…

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? 
Brugge, Belgium. I was on vacation with a friend. Our “base” was Paris, but we traveled to the historic center of Brugge for one day. I would have been happy to spend the entire trip in this lovely, medieval area. Narrow, cobbled streets; beautiful old buildings with fascinating architecture; enjoyable horse-drawn carriage rides; an enjoyable view of the city via boat on the canals that run through the town. Just an incredible experience. I would so love to be able to spend an entire month soaking up the atmosphere in Brugge, and pouring all that emotion, atmosphere and environment into a beautiful romance!

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