Monday, September 12, 2016

Sewn With Joy by Tricia Goyer | New Novel News

Sewn With Joy 
by Tricia Goyer & Sherry Gore

Published: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Harvest House
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Sometimes Dreams Come Together
One Piece at a Time

Joy Miller wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother—especially now that her relationship with Matthew Slagel, the bishop's son, was deepening. But when a television crew rolls into Pinecraft, Florida, to film a new show about the Amish, tension threatens to rip apart their relationship...and the entire Amish community.

Joy is initially hired to sew costumes for the show, but she soon finds herself becoming increasingly involved in the production—a fact that upsets Matthew and his father. Yet the more Joy befriends the Englischer production crew, the more she senses God working in their lives through her. Can she turn her back on this opportunity to share God's love? Will she and Matthew somehow be able to stitch together their dreams for the future?

Experience love, heartbreak, and hope in this sweet story of two worlds uniting in unexpected ways.
Get to know Tricia...

What's your favorite chore? 
I actually love doing laundry! I love folding the clothes when they are warm and smell so wonderful. BUT my least favorite chore is putting away the laundry and with eight kids at home that tends to pile up!

Would you rather go to the future or go to the past?
I would love to journey into the past. I love history. It's one of my favorite things to research and study. I'd love to jump back and be a part of it!

What are the names of your pets? 
We have a dog named Zelda. She's a Shiba Inu and she's adorable, but she's not a cuddle dog. If you try to cuddle with her she gives you a look like, Seriously why are you touching me?

What are you reading right now?
The Mathews Men: Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler's U-Boats. It's very good so far! I'm also reading (and loving) Heart Made Whole by Christa Black Gifford.

Share one pet peeve you have. 
Okay, I've never shared his before. It REALLY bothers me when people post pictures of their kids and say things like, "Just slow down." We should be celebrating that are kids are healthy and growing. I've had friends who have lost children and who would give anything to see them growing older, and stronger, and experiencing life.

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