Thursday, September 1, 2016

ACFW 2016 Recap

What do you get when nearly 600 writers and authors gather together?


This was my fourth year as the ACFW Conference photographer and each year gets better and better. The end tally for headshots this year was 43 sessions - WOW! I took over 1000 photos just of the conference alone. To be honest, I really enjoy attending the conference as the photographer and as a writer. It gives me a unique perspective--a lens to view things through (see what I did there?)--that is unlike anything else. Besides, it means I get to meet a lot of incredible people too!

Below you'll see some highlights in photo-form of the wonderful friends I was able to see again as well as those I was able to meet in person for the first time!

Loved seeing Carrie Fancett Pagels again, reconnecting with the ever-encouraging Deb Kastner, meeting Kara Isaac for the first time, and hanging out with my best friend Steffani Webb!

 Loved seeing Kathleen Freeman, meeting Katie Breslin in person finally, laughing it up with Jaime Jo Wright, and reconnecting with sweet Anne Love!
Listening to his inspirational speech at the gala and talking photography with Jim Rubart, laughing and being a goof with sweet Mary Weber, catching up and doing a super fun photo session with Rachel Hauck, and seeing the lovely and encouraging Cara Putman!

Laughing and doing model-like things with Nadine Brandes, wishing Ronie happy birthday, meeting Meghan Gorecki in person and taking so many photos of her lovely eyes, and meeting talented Jamie Lapeyrolerie in person!!!
 Meeting Ted Dekker - one of my all-time favorite authors, rooming with Steffani, Natalie Walters, and Kelly Bridgewater, seeing the beautiful Ronie Kendig, and smiling with Steff again ;)
Laughing it up with Katie Ganshert and Rel Mollet! These ladies - they make my heart so happy!
And Ted's incredible teaching. He has such a unique story and the way that he was able to explain how he writes and his own writing journey was fascinating. 
I'd like to say that I walked away with some fantastic writing gems to share with you (and I definitely did learn a lot) but for me, this conference was heavily focused on relationships. It was absolutely stunning what the Lord taught me through the many 'divine appointments' I had and how encouraged I was through it all. Yes...I even cried some. But that's for another post ;-)

For more updates about the conference, including info on how my editor appointments went, make sure you've signed up for my newsletter! It'll be going out next week! In addition to a sweet GIVEAWAY there's a rumor going around that there'll be really funny pictures of me and some other authors in there...

And a BIG thank you to all who prayed for my time at the conference. I saw God work in a mighty way!

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