Thursday, June 19, 2014

Learning about Life (and Writing) from Dogs

You may be wondering what I could possibly have learned about life or writing from dogs, but believe it or not, I have learned a few things recently!

I had the opportunity to dog-sit for a dear friend recently. Her two dogs, Piper and Mikey, are some of the sweetest dogs! I had a blast with them though I did have a bit of a rough ride with poor Mikey who was under the weather for part of my stay.

It was during this time that I learned two things from dear Mikey and one very important thing from Piper.

1) Take it Slow
Mikey is definitely no spring-chicken. You can tell he's a little stiff in the hips in the mornings (and most times) but one thing I've seen in him is his commitment to taking it slow. He doesn't rush around, back and forth. He plans where he's headed and gets there when he gets there.

It reminds me that, though I really want to be a published author, maybe it's better for me to take it slow. Just like it reminds me that some things in life are better when you've waited for them.

Takeaway: Just because something isn't happening now doesn't mean it won't happen. Take it slow and keep persisting.

2) Patience
Being a little slower, I noticed Mikey's commitment to being patient. He would wait for his food, wait for me to open the door, and even wait for me to carry him upstairs (this was before he got some medication to help with the joint pain). He was just stand there waiting, knowing I would take good care of him.

The same thing is true with us and the Lord in all things. We need to be patient like Mikey. Waiting on the Lord to give us what we need, to open the right doors for us, and even to carry us places we can't go on our own strength. It's a lesson that isn't easy to learn because it can involve us going through a difficult situation or trying time, but the end result is always better than we could have imagined.

Takeaway: Trusting God means waiting on His perfect timing.

3) Excitement 
Piper's Excited Face

Piper is one of the cuties dogs I know. She is all tail wagging and face licking. The thing I learned from her is to be excited! There are so many things in life, whether that's just waking up for another day or getting a 4 book contract (one of those would be nice some day God *hint* hehe). Either way, I was reminded it's okay to show your excitement! 

First thing in the morning Piper would jump up on the bed and attempt (usually successfully) to lick my face as her way of saying good morning. She always has energy and it's so fun to see how excited she gets over a simple thing like taking a walk.

Takeaway: Remember each day is a gift from God and be excited to see what He has in store for it.

Do you have pets? Have you ever observed them? Which of these do you think you need to learn?

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