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One of the things I look forward to the most on my holiday vacation (aside from seeing my family of course) is the extra time I can spend reading. I get through a lot of books when I'm traveling, but I also have extra time here at home to sit by the fireplace and enjoy a book (or 5 hehe).

Because I've finally made it through several I've been needing to review, this post will be a catchup for those books. Don't worry, more will be coming as well!!!

If you have extra free time like I happen to now, make sure and check out these books. I've included links to amazon and most of them are available in Kindle form too in case you just can't wait! Take some time to read a book :D

High-Stakes Holiday Reunion | Christy Barritt

Christy Barritt does it again with High-Stakes Holiday Reunion! As number three in her Security Experts series (don't worry you can read them out of order), she infuses suspense into Christmas the way only Christy Barrritt can!

When Ashley Wilson shows up on Christopher Jordan's doorstep in need of help for her nephew, he knows that he wont turn her down. His determination deepens when he discovers that, in reality, the boy is actually his son - the son Ashely never told him about.

Tension is high as this estranged couple who were once engaged must now work together in order to bring back their son by Christmas. Will the terrorist group intent on gaining information from Ashley outsmart them, stopping this reunion from happening?

I enjoyed this book as I do all of Chrsity's novels! The suspense is always present and the action never more than a few pages away. Due to the tension between Ashely and Christopher, I felt there was slightly less romance than some of her previous books but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of the book. When the holidays come, there is nothing better than romantic suspense with a Christmas theme. This is a must read and don't forget to check out her other Security Experts books - you can find their reviews here.

Purchase High-Stakes Holiday Reunion (The Security Experts) [here]

Dirty Deeds | Christy Barritt

I jumped in late on this train. Dirty Deeds is book 4 in The Squeaky Clean Mysteries and I enjoyed hopping right in to Gabby St. Claire's crazy life.

For those of you who have been with Gabby from the beginning, you will know much more of her history going into this book. I, on the other hand did not, but that in no way took away from the book. I felt there was sufficient information to get caught up quickly without too much distraction.

In this mystery/adventure, Gabby finds herself headed into a weekend of relaxation where her fiance Riley has asked her one simple request - no investigating. Unfortunately, Gabby's inherent nature is to investigate... anything. The minute she's left alone while Riley attends his law conference with his former college friends, Gabby can't help but investigate the disappearance of one of Riley's friends.

Follow Gabby on the rocky and sometimes hilarious journey at the expensive resort that puts her out of her comfort zone. You'll be entertained by the mystery, unanswered questions, and secrets that make up Dirty Deeds.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes cozy mysteries. It's not as suspenseful as some of Christy's other books, but is filled with mystery with a sweet touch of romance.

Purchase Dirty Deeds: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 4 [here]

Friend Me | John Faubion

From the back of the book...
"When a lonely wife and her frustrated husband each secretly pursue companionship online, neither dreams that a real woman is behind the virtual creations, threatening their marriage -- and their lives."

Friend Me is John Faubion's first release coming out on February 4, 2014. This trilling suspense novel will leave you frantically turning pages late into the night as it did for me. 

It's the idea of a virtual friend that draws both Scott and Rachel to and the possibility of creating their own online friends. With their marriage struggling, both Scott and Rachel are turning to the one thing that could ultimately destroy their marriage and even their lives.
This book took me through various emotions - all of them strong. At first, I was intrigued by Faubion's idea of a virtual friend. The concept is not far fetched at all, frighteningly so. As things progressed, I was pulled completely into the story. I won't go into detail and risk giving anything away, but Faubion deals with difficult issues that many could face in marriage. His characters realize and deal with emotions in a believable way that creates a satisfying ending.

I will say that I felt the last third of the book, though good, seemed far fetched at some times. The pieces fell into place a little to easily. But, that didn't take away from the enjoyment of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes thrilling suspense novels, but with a certain caution recognizing the very real nature of some of the issues discussed. There is nothing inappropriate, but I did find some parts difficult to take with regards to the marital issues discussed. The clean writing and the ending make it worth the internal angst as you struggle with the characters.

Pre-Order Friend Me [here]

I received a free copies of these books for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read them or post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in these reviews are honest and entirely my own.  

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