Saturday, April 7, 2012


As midnight rapidly approaches (as in, 40 minutes away...) I take a moment while my triple layer apple pie bakes to think about Easter.  I took part in a Messianic Passover Dinner last night with some good friends and then we watched The Passion of the Christ.  Talk about heavy stuff.  The dinner was really amazing (I've never celebrated one before) but the reality was a lot deeper than eating 'strange' things and drinking red wine.

The reality of it is... we wouldn't have hope without Easter.  Without Christ.

Actually, I think it's even more than that.  We wouldn't have hope without His resurrection. 

That's the main thing that separates us from any other religion.  Our God is a God who lives.  He not only died for our sins, He brought life back with Him.  I don't think that really hits me very often - or at least not often enough.  The separation that Jesus allowed, the excruciating pain of a tortured, human death is unimaginable...even down to the drops of blood that flowed freely from His body.  It's these things that cleanse us.  That free us.  That give us assurance.

Most people don't understand that.  Why would we celebrate blood?  Why would we be okay with suffering and condemnation from everyone when the easy way is just a few steps over?  But it's not about the easy way. Christ didn't take the easy way.

Tonight, I'm just in awe of my Savior.  I'm in amazement that He went to the cross "like a lamb led to the slaughter" (Isaiah 53:7).  I'm humbled that He chose to make a way for us.  I'm ashamed to think of all the times I've disobeyed, but encouraged to recognize that I have been shown grace.  And I'm hopeful.  Hopeful that He will use me in whatever way He wants, knowing that He is more than worthy of my trust. 

Happy Easter to you all!

My pie made it out just fine :)

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