Saturday, February 1, 2020

January 2020 Wrap Up

Here's what books I read in January and what I thought about (some of) them!

I read 10 12 books in January! 

I'd say that January was a good reading month for me. I would have liked to read a few more than 10 (ha, wrote this before I finished a few extras) and I am almost done with a few more so I'm close. Yep, very close!

In todays post I'm going to share just a few of the ones I read, the ones that really stuck out to me, in hopes that you'll find something you might be interested in.

Prince In Disguise: Okay, this book was super adorable! It was basically a YA rom com and I enjoyed the characters, the setting for sure!, and the romance. There was a bit of language in it, but other than that it was just a fun read. It'd be great to put on your list for next November/December! (P.S. The paperback is only $7.40 right now).

Viva Durant & Interview with the Robot: Two super cute middle grade (feeling) audible originals! I really enjoyed audiobooking these books. The narration was on point and the stories were both fun and entertaining!

Sleeping Giants: I've had this book on my shelf for SO long - and the next two as well - so when I got the chance to get the audiobook from my library I jumped at the chance. I really liked this book! I know some friends of mine have said it was slow but maybe the audio was just the right way to go. I am looking forward to the next two books in the series! A great science fiction!

Rocket Men: If you enjoy history, real life stories, and space...this book is a HUGE win! I loved it! It was another audiobook for me, but wow I couldn't "put it down" (ha!). I was engrossed by the story and the fact that it is part of American history. The author does a superb job of showing you who the men on Apollo 8 are and how their lives fit into the story. I highly recommend this!

Every Stolen Breath: This book takes you on a wild ride through Chicago following the life of Lia - a girl who lost her father to The Swarm - yes, they are as bad as they sound! There's politics, intrigue, light romance, and deception. If you enjoy light YA thrillers you may enjoy this one! (P.S. The hardcover is only $8.99 right now!)

Also ended up reading these two:

Really liked the new style of One Good Deed - a historical mystery from David Baldacci! It did have some language and a bit of adult content but nothing too descriptive. 

And then I slipped in The Spies that Bind which was really cute and a fun, quick audiobook "read". It acts as a good teaser for other Ally Carter novels! 

I'd say say it was a pretty good reading month for me, don't you think? So what about you?

Share one book you read and loved this month! 


  1. Hey Em! I read Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar. I'm now hooked on her writing!


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