Monday, August 5, 2019

The String by Caleb Breakey | Re:View

Stunning new thriller from debut fiction author Caleb Breakey!

I wasn't sure what to expect from The String. I had read one non-fiction book of Caleb's before so I knew he could write, but that doesn't always translate to fiction. The String, however, proved that wrong.

The String follows the twisting path of several characters all wound together in a complex web of blackmail, motivation, and deception led by The Conductor. I found the idea intriguing, to be sure, and quite a bit creepy. But, along those same lines, I also had to suspend belief quite a bit for this to 'work' in my mind. Caleb does a good job at making it appear possible, but still the spectrum of woven threads that made the story work are rather complex and almost a bit unbelievable at times.

The only other 'issue' (if you can even call it that) with the book that I had was the various, multiple POVs. I think the author does a really good job of handling the jumping, but it did take a bit to get used to this. In addition, some different "persons" (aka: first person, third etc) were incorporated and while that is fun it can sometimes be a bit distracting at first. Not really a con, just more of a noticeable thing.

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As a psychological thriller written in the Christian market, I was surprised at the violent content (though not descriptive) but I see how it served a purpose. I actually applaud the author and the publisher for tackling this genre with a fresh perceive and one that could stand up in the general market to an extent. The Christian content, while subtle, is well done (in my humble opinion) and I like how it was incorporated in a natural way.

I definitely recommend this to those who love thrillers and a bit of horror (though I wouldn't really categorize this book as that). I think you'll find a fresh new voice in Caleb Breakey and that fun bit of "creepy" that he adds to this book! If you are at all squeamish or easily scared, I'd suggest reading during the day ;-)

My rating: between a 4 and 4.5 stars
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The String

Welcome to the string, a game of impossible decisions and deadly consequences. Let's go over the ground rules. 
Rule #1: Participation is mandatory. 
Rule #2: If anyone refuses to play, all threats will come to pass. 
Game on. 
Get ready for a deadly social experiment as a sociopath known as The Conductor delivers disturbing threats and twisted moral dilemmas to unsuspecting students and staff.

As a powerful instinct for self-preservation sweeps through the campus, one man has a grave decision to make. Will university cop Markus Haas play the game to protect those he loves? Or will he break the string and incite massive chaos--and even death?
In the great suspense tradition of Ted Dekker and Steven James, Caleb Breakey's explosive debut novel will have you turning pages into the night.
I received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.


  1. Excellent review, Em! This one sounds like a page turner!

  2. Great review...but I need to know--how many takes did it take to get that photo of the book?? Lovely...