Monday, April 22, 2019

SmileBrilliant Ultrasonic Toothbrush | RE:VIEW

Have you ever used an electronic toothbrush? Have you wanted to?

A big thank you to SmilieBrilliant for gifting me a free CariPro ultrasonic toothbrush to try out and share with you all! In this post I'll talk about the pros and cons I've observed while using this toothbrush and I'll be offering an awesome GIVEAWAY opportunity too!

Friends, there are MANY things on my “wedding prep” list. Uh, spoiler alert...I'm engaged! I promise to do a post on that soon but I have a feeling most of you saw it on my Instagram and Facebook pages! list so far consists of:
Wedding dress ✅
New shoes ✅
Honeymoon cruise apparel (working on it)
Hair appointment ✅
But you know what I didn’t even realize was on my list? A brighter smile!

I was contacted by SmileBrilliant to try out their ultrasonic toothbrush and then be able to share my experience with you all! I said YES in a big way and I’m so glad I did. It's the perfect timing for me!

I’ve been using their toothbrush for a while now and these are my honest thoughts:

- Timed brushing: I LOVE this feature because I know I’m getting my 2 min of brushing in each time. It goes by quadrants of the mouth too so I don't miss a thing!
- Multiple modes: Many options from regular “clean” to “sensitive” if that’s what you need!
- Ease: It sits on my bathroom counter and is unobtrusive and doesn’t need a lot of gadgets. The charge lasts a long time and it's easy to use!
- Comfort: The brush head is soft enough not to hurt my gums and the handle is easily held. The buttons make logical sense and there aren't a lot of settings to fuss with.

- Settings: Some settings I’m not sure I’ll use consistently (or haven’t really utilized much yet) like the massage option. I may in the future though! I just find that, when I go to brush my teeth, I want to focus on the cleaning aspect, not so much the gums massage. BUT I may make that part of my routine soon so then this would be obsolete.
- Timing: I always want to keep brushing after the 2 min are up! Ok, so it’s not a con 😜

I’ve really enjoyed using this electronic toothbrush! I don’t know that I see a drastic “whitening” difference (yet), BUT my teeth do feel cleaner and I know it’s “making” me brush longer - which, to me, is totally worth it!

Honestly, it's the perfect addition to my Wedding Prep list (one that I didn't even know should be included!

If YOU want to try out this toothbrush too, I've got good news! There's a giveaway going on right now! Just follow the link here to enter:

Also, if you can't wait that long, you can get 20% off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes by using my code: eahendryx20

What do you think? Is an electronic toothbrush something you're interested in trying? Will you enter the giveaway? Let me know below!

I was gifted this toothbrush from SmileBrilliant for review purposes and was not required to leave a review. I do so of my own volition and the views expressed in this review are honest and completely mine.


  1. Would love to try a electronic toothbrush .Thank you