Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Story Behind | UNITE 2017

Guess what my dear readers? I'm attending the CBA's UNITE 2017 International Convention next week! Don't know what it is? Check out more information HERE.

I'm really excited that this convention is only about an hour away from me. In the past I've seen information about it after the fact and sometimes I've even followed friends who have attended, but I was never able to go myself...until this year.

I'll be attending as a member of the media (very exciting😀) and I get to do what I love! Talk about books and passion with people!

My Focus for the Convention

At first glance I was thinking...what exactly can I gain from UNITE. Obviously, that was a little self-focused, but I wanted to make sure that attending would be a wise decision. As I've had more time to think about this I've realized a few things that I'd like to share. 

1) I LOVE learning about people's passions 
It's true. I gain so much joy from listening to others talk about things they are passionate about. Passion inspires. Passion creates. Passion changes. Because of that, the interviews that I have set up will focus on that: the PASSION behind the PRODUCT. I'll be asking questions regarding people's passions so that I can then turn around and share them here with you.

The books and products that will be on display (from large publishing houses to small) reflect acts of passion from those who have produced them. From the author who writes the book to the team that chooses to publish it to the marketing experts who help spread the word, all of those things are acts of passion.

2) The reason I have a platform is to USE it
No, I may not have a brick and mortar bookstore in which to sell products, but I do have this blog and my other social media outlets so that I can share things with you all. During the conference I'll be taking my camera with me (I'm sure no one is surprised by that) and I'll be documenting my interviewees and the convention itself. I'll also be sharing Instagram "stories" of those I meet with, their books, and a personal Emilie's-Eye-View of the convention. It'll be your chance to "see what I see".

To experience the convention with me I'd invite you to join me on Instagram at: and on Twitter at:

*Are you attending? Let me know so we can meet up!

3) Everyone's story is UNIQUE
As a writer, I know the importance of story. I also know that one of the most powerful things we can do is share our stories and our passions with others. During my time at UNITE I want to make sure my interviews shine the light on "The Story Behind". That will be the series title for the posts that will stem from my time at this conference.

I invite you to join along on the journey whether that's live Tweeting or on Instagram later when you look through my stories. I want this convention to bridge the gap between authors, book sellers, and readers alike where our stories can influence others and where our passions can shine through.

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