Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Get to know Susan Page Davis | Mini-Interview

Emilie here: Today we're talking with Susan about social media & marketing as well as her novel The Seafaring Women of the Vera B. I'm excited to introduce her in this "mini-interview".

What's your favorite form of social media?
E-mail and my newsletter.

If your main character was on social media, what would she use?
She would probably be on Pinterest, pinning all sorts of lovely items she found in foreign markets.

Who is your favorite secondary character? 
In The Seafaring Women of the Vera B., it’s Lizzie, a lady’s maid who finds herself enlisted as a seaman on a merchant ship. She resents everyone and everything about her new situation, not the least of which being forced to share a cabin with reformed prostitutes. Lizzie begins to make peace with life assisted by an unlikely ally, but she has a long way to go.

If you were stranded on an island what are three things you couldn’t live without?
A Bible and two blank books.

If we could all sit down and have coffee with you, what are three things you'd want to share with us?
Social media terrifies me. I miss my far-flung children and grandchildren. I have no fashion sense whatsoever.

As an author, what do you find most difficult about social media/marketing? And tips to share? Keeping up with the different venues and how to get the most out of them. My tip is for people like me, hire someone to tweet for you.

What are you reading right now? 
I’m reading a nonfiction book from the 1800s, Life Among the Apache, by John C. Cremony, and I just finished Juliana Deering’s mystery novel Dressed for Death.

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The Seafaring Women of the Vera B.
by Susan Page Daivis & James S. Davis

--> 1854—With the captain dead in Melbourne, Australia, Alice Packard thinks the worst has happened, until she learns the crew has deserted her husband’s ship in favor of the goldfields. Only one old man, Gypsy Deak, sticks by her, but Gypsy alone can’t raise a crew from the depleted population. In desperation, Alice turns to the only source of plentiful workers: the women of Melbourne. In a bold move, she and Gypsy empty a brothel, promising the escaped women a new life. Her all-woman (save one) crew put their backs and hearts into the voyage, but Alice finds training her sailors much harder than she expected. Her faith is tested to the limit. With a cargo to sell, angry brothel and tavern owners in pursuit, pirates to evade, and a mysterious stowaway, will the seafaring women of the Vera B. survive to tell the tale of this daring adventure?
Purchase: The Seafaring Women of the Vera B.

Susan Page Davis writes romantic suspense, historical romance, and mystery. She is a Maine native now living in Kentucky, and a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. Her books have won several awards including the Carol Award for her novel The Prisoners Wife; the Inspirational Readers' Choice Award for The Prisoner's Wife and The Lumberjack's Lady (Maine Brides series); and the 2012 Will Rogers Medallion Award for her novel Captive Trail (Texas Trails series). Visit her website at www.susanpagedavis.com 

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