Friday, January 29, 2016

A little bit of writer fun

If you're following me on social media (which I hope you are) then you may have seen some of these above items shared recently on my FB pages and Instagram accounts. You may be wondering though...what is all this? 

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my Society6 shop! I've titled it E.A. Creative (kind of similar to my "E.A. Creative Photography" business name) and in it you will find all sorts of things!

My hope for the shop is to combine two things I'm passionate about: reading and exploring.

What that looks like is fun prints about reading and adventuring into nature, prints of my travels, and fun sayings that I hope will resonate with other reader/explorers out there.

I know it's a slightly "strange mixture" because there are a lot of shops out there that focus on one or the other: all things reading or all things nature. I aim to be a hybrid.

I have lots of plans for the future, but for now you can find the products like you see here in this post as well as others.

I'd invite you to take a look

Visit my shop {click here}

And to join my shopstagram (ha, made that up). The Instagram account for my shop:

Create. Explore. Read.

Join the fun by using the hashtag: #createexploreread I can't wait to start sharing more images of items from the shop. I've gotten a few myself and love them!

Readers: What's your favorite thing: reading or exploring? Or both?

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