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A Time To Speak by Nadine Brandes | RE:VIEW

Bold. Action packed. Unexpected. A Time To Speak is a book you won't soon forget!

Riding on the tales of A Time To Die (see my review here) Nadine offers the second, thrilling installment in the Out of Time Series, A Time To Speak. Here, the very same Parvin that we fell in love with in book one is back and ready to make a difference. She's faced with the challenge of living without a clock in a world where time is counted and almost everyone knows the day they will die.

The stage for A Time To Speak is deceptively large
and expands the further you progress into the book. The characters have strong motivations and the reader is dropped into a world they can both understand and imagine through Nadine's descriptions.

Overall, Parvin speaks and acts as a bastion of truth in a world that is saturated with fear and anger. She's a beacon--though often times her circumstances are so bleak that you wonder how she'll survive. We also see more of Salomon Hawke and, though he still remains partly a mystery, we get to see a lot more of what makes him who he is. He's definitely a favorite character of mine!

As I read, it did take me a few chapters to really get hooked. Once I was in it though, I was there until the end. You guessed it: laughing, tearing up, shouting at the pages...all the emotions! I enjoyed what felt like a little bit of additional action in this book (yep, the suspense writer in me coming out) and really liked Nadine's ability to keep me guessing. There were often times where I thought "how in the world will they get out of this situation". And yet, she had a way!

I definitely recommend this (and book one, of course) to fans of YA Literature, action, and those who like struggling through problems and issues with a main character that they at once love, are frustrated by, and are rooting for. You'll definitely end this book already wanting book three and the conclusion of the Out of Time Series. (P.S. Nadine just released the title: A Time To Rise and I LOVE it!)

Rating: 5*
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Book Description
(from Nadine's website)

How do you live after you planned to die?

Parvin Blackwater should have died in her brother's place. She didn't. Now she's the only one who can protect her village, but no one wants to listen. When the Council starts forcing "new and improved" Clocks on the public, those who refuse are declared Radicals and exiled. Having been across the Wall once, Parvin is the only one who can save them. But instead of going through the Wall, she's packed into a boxcar, loaded on a cargo ship, and forced out to sea. How will she lead when facing the unknown? Worse yet, why are people suddenly dying before their Clocks have zeroed-out?
I received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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