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Susanne Dietze + GIVEAWAY {Writer Wednesday}

A little bit about Susanne...

Susanne Dietze began writing love stories in high school, casting her friends in the starring roles. Today, she writes in the hope that her historical romances will encourage and entertain others. A pastor’s wife and mom of two, she loves fancy-schmancy tea parties, travel, and curling up on the couch with a costume drama and a plate of nachos. You can visit her on her website,

How to connect with Susanne...

Website: www.susannedietze.comBlog: Tea and a Good Book ~ 
Twitter: @SusanneDietze

Author Interview | Susanne Dietze

You and Writing

Tell us a little bit about yourself: How did you start writing? What has kept you writing?
...I think I wrote fiction the moment I could hold a pencil. As a preschooler, I wrote a note to my parents telling them I’d run away to China. Growing up, I wrote to entertain myself, but somewhere along the way God turned it into a ministry.

Your Writing

Tell us a little bit about your book or what you’re working on currently? Why did you write it?
...Love’s Reward is a novella in Barbour’s The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection, a 9-in-1. I’m so honored to be included among the other authors! In my story, set in 1886 San Francisco, a rich man offers a monetary reward for the capture of a shy architect’s heart—but the game is on for every female in town except a charity-minded miss who won’t compete for the bachelor’s affections. Just his bank account.

What is one take-away from your book that you hope readers identify with?
...Selling my novella was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, but writing it was not quite a fairy tale experience. I had a medical issue that turned out to be fine, but at the time, I was tested for autoimmune disease and cancer. I worked on Love’s Reward while waiting for those test results. “Love is love’s reward” (by Dryden) was already set as the theme of the story: the greatest prize of a relationship with God is Jesus Himself, and the reward of our relationship with another is that relationship. Waiting for my test results was agonizing; however, I believe God was teaching me to trust Him with my unknowable future, to dwell close to Him on my journey without questioning the destination. While the particulars of my experience were far different than my characters’, I got to go through the process of trusting Jesus with my journey as well as with my destination, right along with them.
...I hope that others might find encouragement if they are experiencing something difficult, and maybe even look around to see what God is doing in their lives right now. Experience the moment fully in appreciation of all He’s done and is doing.


When you write, what is your overall intention with your stories? 
...My hope is to encourage and entertain readers. I believe God can use fiction to minister to His children, if He wishes. Sometimes when we read, we see ourselves in a story’s characters or situations, and when that happens, we may feel less alone or inspired to act. If He used something I wrote for that purpose, I’d feel blessed, but I’d also be delighted if my story provided someone a bit of escapist entertainment, too.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors for writing and/or publishing?

...Writing toward publication is a joyful privilege, but it’s also hard work. One author I know wrote her first proposal, not even a book, and sold it right away; another author’s journey took fifteen years, multiple novels, and multiple rejections first. It’s important to remember that rejections are a big part of writing. Many times rejections have more to do with timing or the market than an author’s skill or craft. That said, cultivating a teachable spirit is important, too. Strive to improve by taking classes, reading books, and learning from those with more experience.


If you had to choose one type of food, what kind would it be?
...Oh my, this is a difficult question, but as a Californian I am pretty attached to Mexican food. Enchiladas, chimichangas, tostadas…Ok, now I’m hungry. If I could have occasional outings to an Indian place for a dish of Malai Kofta, garlic naan and some cucumber raita on the side, however, I’d be set.

April showers bring May flowers – or so they say. Do you have a favorite flower? If so, why is it your favorite?
...I love roses and find them pretty easy to care for, perhaps because my mom has so much success with roses and I just copy what she does. Of my ten rosebushes, the Yellow Peace ones are my favorite because they have such pretty pink and tangerine streaks in the petals, and they smell like candy. That might sound weird, but oh, they are delightful.

I am so thrilled to have my dear friend Susie on the blog today. To be celebrating her first release is amazing! We got the chance to meet - and ride a plane together - to my first ACFW conference and have enjoyed catching up on FB and via email ever since. It's amazing hearing how you've struggled through health issues as well as just figuring out the hard road to publishing, but it's so great to celebrate with you now on this release! Thanks so much for sharing with us here Susie! Can't wait for what's next for you :) 


I loved having the amazing Kariss Lynch on the blog last week (if you missed her interview check it out here). She offered a copy of her book as a giveaway and we've got a winner...

Carol Smith

But don't worry, if you didn't win this, check out Kristy Cambron's giveaway of A Sparrow in Terezin from Monday here. And leave a comment here to enter to win the collection Susie's novella is featured in, The Most Eligible Bachelor.

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