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Amanda G. Stevens | New Novel News

Found and Lost: A Novel
by Amanda G. Stevens

Haven Seekers (Book 2)
Published February 15, 2015
David C. Cook

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What it's all about...
-->When Violet DuBay’s friend Khloe confides that her dad is a Christian, it’s the one secret Violet can’t keep. Turning in Khloe’s dad to the Constabulary is her duty. Her decision becomes an opportunity to infiltrate the Christian resistance; but as she gets to know Marcus, Lee, and the others, she’s compelled to question the things her society has taught her about God and His followers.
Clay Hansen persuades his family to join him at an underground church meeting and brings Violet, his teen daughter Khloe’s best friend. That night, the church is raided. He and his wife escape, but in the chaos, he loses Violet and Khloe. How can he find them with the Constabulary monitoring his every move? If the God who once spared Khloe won’t intervene, Clay will have to save her himself.
Get to know Amanda...

-->If your main characters were animals, what would they be? For some reason, I picture Violet in Found and Lost as a rabbit. Something about the soft and cuddly combined with timid and twitchy. She wants to belong and be loved, but she’s not fully at ease with anyone. And a rabbit introduced to a new environment is very cautious, hopping from one new thing to another, taking its time. That’s Violet in this book, relearning so many things she thought she knew and gradually gaining more certainty as she goes. She’ll continue to grow in the third book as well.

Clay is most like a horse. He’s a runner. He spooks reflexively, and once he’s stampeding in any direction, he’s hard to stop. He’s also single-mindedly loyal to “his people,” namely his wife and daughter.

Who is your favorite secondary character in this book?
 My favorite secondaries in this book are of course Marcus and Lee, who were primary in the last book. Six months have passed since Seek and Hide (Book One), and Marcus and Lee are now actively running a resistance movement to help fugitive Christians. This book gives glimpses (through Violet’s point of view) of their trust in each other and the ethical dilemmas they face in their resistance work.

What are you reading right now?
My most read genre is crime/noir, followed by speculative. My most recent reads have been The Third Man (Graham Greene), Black River (S.M. Hulse), and The Ryn (Serena Chase), all of which were lovely in unique ways. I’m about to start Gun Street Girl by Adrian McKinty.

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